The LSC Celebrates it’s 50th Birthday

The year 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the Lory Student Center –– the heart of CSU that has served as a place to mourn the death of President John F. Kennedy, view the verdict of the O.J. Simpson trial and catch a bus back home.

The timeline shows a general overview of events that have happened on campus over the last five decades.


Students will have the opportunity to learn in more detail about all of the events through Collegian inserts provided by the LSC staff. In addition, ASAP is bringing entertainers to campus on Sept. 19, 26 and Oct. 3, and a time capsule from 1987 will be dug up on Sept. 26 to celebrate the student center’s 50 years in existence.

On Oct. 5, the LSC’s 50th Anniversary Party will take place at 6 p.m. in the Main Ballroom. Food, beverages and special announcements will be provided.

1960 – Students voted on whether or not the school should have a student center. The vote passed and the Lory Student Center was completed in 1962.

1963 – President John F. Kennedy’s murder was a shocking and difficult time for many across the states. The LSC provided a common place for students and teachers alike to go and mourn over the loss of the president and come together as a community.

1965 – Bowling anyone? The LSC also gave the students a place to go bowling with friends at the bowling alley in the basement – right next to the Ramskeller.

July 19, 1975 – The Rolling Stones began their tour of the Americas in June, and made their way to Hughes Stadium — at the time, one of the largest venues in Colorado. The LSC put on many more shows just like this for years.

1976 – “One on One,” a film starring Robby Benson and Annette O’Toole, was filmed on scene in the LSC.

1987 – A plexiglas box was made for students to put memorabilia from the ‘80s into and then was buried for years. This became best known as the Time Capsule.

Oct. 3, 1995 – The OJ Simpson case in ‘94 became well known to many across the country. Students gathered in the LSC on the day of the verdict to see the live broadcasting of whether Simpson would be found guilty for the murder of his ex-wife and her friend.

July 28, 1997 – A flash flood came through Fort Collins and flooded the LSC destroying every book, textbook and piece of equipment two weeks before school started for the fall semester. The president of the school said that no matter what the setback, the students would be coming to campus as scheduled — and they did!


2007 – The LSC made an addition with a transit center for students who decided public transit would be their primary means of transportation to and from classes.

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