CSU President Tony Frank talks higher education funding at fall address

A large crowd filled the South Oval to hear CSU President Tony Frank speak and receive a free lunch at the President’s Fall Address.

Frank discussed the future of higher education funding, claiming that while Colorado may increase higher education funding next year, a “storm” of funding issues still loom on the horizon.
Frank promised that CSU would continue to achieve its land-grant mission as it plans for a potential “defunding” privatization of higher education.


“It’s a challenging path, but one that assures we will leave this university strong and vibrant when our time to care for her has passed,” Frank said.

CSU’s heritage is and will be “immense character,” according to Frank, who cited the university’s research contributions to the world and educational opportunities as proof.

“I’m proud of how we’ve met the challenges of the past four years,” Frank said, “and I know this university will face whatever comes our way as we always have: directly and with an unwavering commitment to the Land Grant University mission.”