Colorado State figure skating team holds open house to entice new members

Ashley Plaven skates at the Edora Pool Ice Center
Junior health and exercise science major Ashley Plaven warms up before the Figure Skating team open house Wednesday evening at EPIC. Plaven, the team’s fundraising chair and has been skating since she could walk.

Dedication. For Ashley Plaven, junior fundraising chair for the figure skating team, this is everything one needs to be a successful figure skater –– that and the ability to see past the bruises.

“I’ve been skating for 14 years,” she said. “You fall down every time you are on the ice, but you have to get back up. I love telling people that I am a figure skater because I feel like it defines me.”


Starting as a student organization and moving it’s way up to a club sport, the figure skating team is five years old. The team held a booth at the involvement fair and spread the word to anyone interested in joining the figure skaters on the ice.

The team then hosted an open house Wednesday evening for interested skaters. Molly Parsons, president of the team, explained that the open house served as a tryout for those who showed up. It gave interested individuals a chance to meet both new and returning skaters and try their hand –– or foot –– on the ice.

“We have seven returning members and we are hoping to have eight or nine more tonight,” Parsons said.

The team made it to Intercollegiate Nationals in spring 2012 and are hopeful that they will be able to go the distance this semester as well. The team’s coach, Pam Kurtz, explained that while they may have had a smaller team in the past, they are eager to gain more membership this season.

“This year we are excited to have a diverse and larger team,” she said with a smile as fourteen members made their way out on the ice.

With various competitions coming up, the team will be doing a number of fundraisers and events for anyone who may be interested. Dates and information will be announced as the season progresses.

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