RamRide car and black truck collide Saturday night

Collegian Staff

A white Chevy impala, part of the RamRide fleet, sustained front end damage following a collision with a black Ford pickup on Saturday night. Provided by the Associated Students of CSU.
Steven Jacobs, a sophomore biological sciences major, posted a picture described as the scene of the accident on Twitter.

A black truck crashed into a RamRide vehicle on Saturday night, sending the CSU student who ordered the RamRide to the hospital with a cut to the head, according to Fort Collins Police Services Officer Kyle Bendsa.

Two other students that were in the RamRide vehicle –– the driver and navigator from Nu Alpha Kappa –– did not sustain injuries. Bendsa said the truck was at fault.


The truck, a black Ford pickup, hit the RamRide car, a Chevy Impala, around 11 p.m. at the intersection of Elizabeth Street and Constitution Avenue. The truck had been heading eastbound when it turned left, hitting the westbound RamRide car.

“Neither speed or alcohol was a factor. Failing to yield was the issue,” Bendsa said.

Both vehicles were towed following the incident, although the Impala sustained heavier damage than the truck. Following the collision, the car’s hood was bent at a 35 degree angle, according to Robert Duran, Associated Students of CSU Chief of Staff.

Duran said that every RamRide volunteer is provided with a list of actions to take in the event of an accident.

“The first priority is to call 911 if there are any injuries sustained,” he said.

The volunteers’ next step is to call the director in charge of RamRide that night. Two RamRide directors went to the scene of the Saturday accident after it occurred.

Rumors of a RamRide car hitting a pedestrian are untrue, Duran added.

He said a finalized police report was still unavailable, but that police were leaning towards the black truck being at fault, meaning that the driver will be charged for damages. No other information was available at the time.