‘Mega Party’ : Canceled

Ram’s Pointe calls off annual pool party, citing community responsibility

Last year, the Ram’s Pointe pool made national news, branded with the big bold words: “Mega Party.” A year later, the pool is drained and vacant.That’s because at that particular Aug. 27 “Mega Party” — at Campus Crossings at Ram’s Pointe — 3,000 people showed up and 10 ended up in the hospital and two in handcuffs.“It was one of the best days of my freshman year,” sophomore hospitality management major Nikki Grubesic said.

The party will not be taking place this year.


Campus Crossings confirmed that the pool was drained this weekend, “to get out glass from vandalism.”

The party, a long-standing annual event at Ram’s Pointe has historically been “intended to encourage new students to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere,” Campus Apartments said in an email to the Collegian. “2011 was the first year that the large crowd size requi

Pool Party
Pool Party (Photo credit: philipp daun)

red us to shut down the event early.”

With partygoers utilizing social media, texting and putting the event up on Facebook, attendance grew to an astonishing level.

“It took over the neighborhood,” neighbor David Ellington said. “I didn’t see a lot of consideration for the people who live here. I see that a lot with parties up here.”

The Fort Collins Police Department became aware of the event when attendees started calling for medical assistance.

“There were problems with the health and safety,” Fort Collins Police Spokeswoman Rita Davis said.

Safety was a top concern for Campus Apartments and ultimately led to the decision to cancel the party this year.

“The wellbeing of our residents is our top priority and for this reason we evaluated all aspects of last year’s pool party event and determined it was in the best interest of the CSU community and our residents to not hold the event this year,” Campus Apartments said in an email to the Collegian.

“The media’s interest that ensued following last year’s pool party did not portray the CSU community positively…we have the responsibility to help uphold the integrity of the collective CSU community, not just our property,” Campus Apartments said.


Some students felt that the party should have happened anyway. Off-campus parties enhance the college experience, according to Grubesic.

“It’s like the nightlife of the college student,” she said.

According to Davis, police are more concerned with ensuring safety and keeping the peace than they are about issuing arrests.

“If you’re having a party, make sure you register it and if you find it’s getting larger than you anticipated you can ask your guests to leave and shut down the party yourself but if you run into problems feel free to contact CSU police or Fort Collins police and we will be happy to assist you,” Davis said. “Safety is our first priority.”

According to Andrea Coryell, assistant director of alcohol and other drugs for the CSU health network, the Ram’s Pointe pool party does not accurately represent the majority of Fort Collins parties.

“Whenever you hear stories about drinking they’re the out of control crazy ones you don’t hear about,” Coryell said. “The majority of people have a few drinks, have fun, don’t get charged with an MIP or DUI and don’t end up in the ER, but those aren’t the stories you hear.”