Nuclear Regulatory Commission awards Colorado State near $600,000

Colorado State University by John Eisele/CSU Photography.

Colorado State University has been given a grant for almost $600,000  by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to develop a statistics course and hire a radiochemistry scientist. According to Professor of Radiation Protection and Measurements, Tom Johnson, the goal is to aid CSU faculty in better preparing graduate students for radiological sciences careers in many different disciplines.


Colorado has a need for experts in this field as it is known to have large amounts of naturally occurring radioactive material.

You’re working with elements that come in small amounts and literally disappear over time,” Johnson said. “Radiation is a paradox because it can cure cancer but it can also cause cancer. Colorado has high deposits of thorium, radium and potassium in the natural environment.”

With this grant the new radiochemistry scientist will study how radioactive material will move through the environment.