Traffic pursuit leads to man climbing power pole

Kristin Hall

Near 11:59 p.m. on July 10th the Police began pursuing a man suspected in a domestic dispute earlier in the morning. Authorities attempted to contact the 33 year-old man in his vehicle near West County Road 78 and North County Road 17.  The pursuit began when he refused to pull over, leading police on a chase which ended near County Road 15 and West County Road 84 when they used a Precision Immobilization Technique to stop the  vehicle.

The man then proceeded to flee on foot and began to climb a power pole. The authorities contacted the power company and requested that the power be turned off.  After two and one half hours the police convinced him to come down. The man was transfered to the hospital where he was admitted for an evaluation. The man suffered no injuries and his condition is currently unknown.


The Rocky Mountain Collegian will follow this story as it develops.