Top ten cutest puppy costumes from Tour de Corgi

Tour de Corgi took over Old Town Saturday, and one of the best parts of the event, unarguably, were the adorable pups who sported equally adorable outfits. Owners everywhere were proud of the outfits that they had come up with for their beloved friends, and the corgis loved every bit of the attention. Here are some of the cutest outfits seen at Tour de Corgi:

1. Scupper dressed as “The Old Man and the Sea”:


Scupper dressed as “The Old Man and the Sea.” Photo credit: Maegan Garcia

Scupper made his way around Old Town in a boat on wheels that his owner made for him. Scupper is from Florida and is 16 years old, which inspired his owner to design this costume.

2. Sully, short for Sullivan, dressed a gypsy:

Sully dressed as a gypsy. Photo credit: Maegan Garcia


Sully was quite obviously having a great day. The outfit idea came when one of his owners was cleaning and found this old halloween costume, which coincidentally was the perfect size for a corgi. She was even wearing an outfit to match with Sully.

3. Halo dressed as a taco:

Halo dressed as a taco. Photo credit: Maegan Garcia


Halo’s owners said they chose this outfit because they love tacos. Their other dog has a hot dog costume, so of course, it was only fitting that Halo’s costume was a taco.

4. Wilbur dressed as a Bronco’s fan:

Wilbur dressed as a Bronco’s fan. Photo credit: Maegan Garcia


The very photogenic Wilbur was relaxing in the shade after a long day of walking around Old Town. His owners decided he would wear this outfit for the day not only because they are Broncos fans, but also because he his planned stegosaurus costume was too hot. Planned or not, Wilbur looks adorable and his owners said this is one of his favorite outfits to play around in.


5. Fergus dressed in a Hawaiian shirt:

Fergus dressed in a Hawaiian shirt. Photo credit: Maegan Garcia


Fergus was very friendly and energetic while sporting a colorful Hawaiian style shirt. His owners said he once went to a pool party while wearing this same outfit and won the doggie beach wear contest.

6. George Jones dressed as “Dr. George Jones DVM”:

George Jones dressed as “Dr. George Jones DVM.” Photo credit: Maegan Garcia


George Jone’s owners said that his outfit was created to raise awareness for dog diabetes. It was great to see that people were able to use the gathering as a way to raise awareness for important topics, especially when it comes to making sure that all dogs are healthy and taken care of.

7. Rhodo dressed as reggae shark:

Rhodo dressed as reggae shark. Photo credit: Maegan Garcia


At first, I wasn’t sure why the dreadlocks were paired with a shark outfit, but his owners explained that the costume was inspired by a song from a YouTube video by The Key of Awesome called “Reggae Shark.” Check out the video here.

8. Georgy dressed as a tootsie roll:

Georgy dressed as a tootsie roll. Photo credit: Maegan Garcia


Georgy’s owners got the inspiration for her name from the 1966 movie “Georgy Girl.” She may have been a bit camera shy, but she was friendly and adorable nonetheless.

9. Gary Gracie and Gretta dressed in their Halloween costumes:

These three energetic pals all sported different but equally cute outfits for the day. Gary wore a hamburger; Gracie was a lufa; and Gretta showed off a spooky and adorable skeleton dress. They are all ready for the halloween season.

Gracie dressed as a lufa. Photo credit: Maegan Garcia
Gretta dressed as a skeleton. Photo credit: Maegan Garcia
Gary dressed as a hamburger. Photo credit: Maegan Garcia

10. Dakota and Kimber dressed as American flags:

Dakota and Kimber dressed as American flags. Photo credit: Maegan Garcia


Dakota and Kimber weren’t afraid to show off their stars and stripes. Their owners had an interesting story about the inspiration behind these outfits. The owners said they met when they became stuck at an airport in Japan during 9/11, and because of that, they have always been very patriotic.