Strain Review: Enjoying Sour Diesel, fueling the high in every puff


Collegian | Ava Kerzic

Miles Buchan, Staff Reporter

As the semester is drawing to a close and summer is fast approaching, thousands of Colorado State University students are experiencing burnout and need a vibe reorientation. In times such as these, I always return to my weed roots and smoke something that reminds me of simpler times.

So I went back over to Verts Neighborhood Dispensary to look for such a strain, and I came out with a 1-gram cartridge of the properly vetted strain Sour Diesel. This wood-tipped cartridge is made by Bonanza and is just one of many strain-specific cartridges from this company offered at Verts.


Carts made by Bonanza come in half- and full-gram varieties; however, Sour Diesel is only available in a 1-gram cart at this time. Of course, the size of the cart affects the price, so the full-gram carts offered by Bonanza come out to $41, whereas the half-gram carts are available for $22.

“If you are both a coffee and weed lover like me, then this may sound like a great thing, and it is.”

As far as cannabinoids-testing, Bonanza’s Sour Diesel cartridges contain 82.20% THC and 1.70% CBD. While it’s not a lot, I was very excited to see some CBD in this cart because it is not incredibly common and may certainly affect your experience.

Because this product is a sealed container, it is difficult to describe the smell of the wax. Though, I can certainly describe the taste, as it was strong and enjoyable. Since the cartridge contained cannabis extract distillate, the taste is very refined.

When smoking this cart, Sour Diesel tasted like a fruity cannabis cocktail with a kick. Tasting this strain through a highly refined cartridge gave me a new and favorable impression of Sour Diesel because it does not contain many of the impurities that would be in regular wax or flower.

Ultimately, this makes for a great experience and a clean burn. Though, I will say to never underestimate a dab cart battery, as they are liable to surprise you with their power and efficacy. Sour Diesel is a sativa strain, and for whatever that’s worth, I must say the effects fell in line with what we’ve all come to expect from the lively strain.

This high sets in rapidly and without restraint. Immediately after smoking Sour Diesel on my pen’s lowest setting, I could feel the head high set in while my entire brain activated. The few times I hit the pen loaded with Bonanza’s cartridge happened to be in the morning with breakfast, and I would compare its effects to a psychedelic cup of coffee.

If you are both a coffee and weed lover like me, then this may sound like a great thing, and it is. But the case may also be made that this sounds like too much and could be a cause for concern, which is valid as well.

When speaking with people who are prone to paranoia when smoking, I often find they prefer a low-testing strain with calming effects rather than stimulating ones. I would caution someone who might feel this way when smoking this particular product to prevent any negative experiences.

All around, Sour Diesel was a pleasant experience because I’m a person who loves to find that cutting-edge high. If you are not, then I want you to know that you can still enjoy this wax, but do so with caution. Try setting the pen dial to the lowest setting if it has one, and take short rips with some time in between. Rating: 9/10.

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