Welcome to CSU’s Outdoor Club

Rachel Rasmussen

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One of the great things about Colorado is its expansive outdoor land for people to explore. Everyone should get the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Colorado outdoors. But as college students, sometimes it’s hard to find the time to get a group together to enjoy Colorado’s wilderness. Enter the CSU Outdoor Club.


This student run club contains a bunch of individuals who all have a passion to explore Colorado’s outdoors. They have a ton of trips on various weekends to different locations all around Colorado. Some of the most popular trips include going to Crested Butte and to The Great Sand Dunes National Park for a full weekend of camping and exploring the Sand Dunes. The Outdoor Club is welcome to all outdoor experience levels and they try to cater their trips to the different levels of their members. If you don’t own the kind of equipment needed for that weekend’s trip, you can rent equipment from the Rec Center on campus. A lot of times people who are a little more experienced in the outdoors will have extra gear that can be shared with people who may not have equipment.

Students who want to join only have to pay a base membership cost of $10 and they get a t-shirt. The money goes towards gas during trips, paying for entry to national parks if it requires an entry fee, and sometimes pizza during the meetings.

The club itself has no rigid structure when it comes to how their trips are run. People can split off into smaller groups and do their own thing during the different trips depending on what everyone wants to do. They only ask that you are respectful of everything and everyone around you, pick up after yourself, and try to leave an area better than how it was when you arrived.

A student can expect to gain a feeling of community with their fellow Outdoor Club members as they go on trips and attend meetings. “You look out for each other.” Cole McCullough, President of the club, said, “You help each other out.”

As a student continues to gain outdoor experience and new friends in the club, they may even want to consider becoming an officer to get some leadership experience. As an officer, they would have to lead a minimum of two trips a semester as well as try to attend as many meetings and go on as many trips as they can. As McCullough said, “The more involved you are in it, the better experience you’ll have.”

If you want to join this exciting club, meetings are every other Wednesday. The first meeting was Wednesday 4 at 8 p.m. in Biology 136. You can also contact them at csuoutdoorclub@ gmail.com or visit their website csuoutdoorclub.com for more information.