Colorado Winter Lifestyle Guide For Staying Warm & Looking Your Best

Chelsea Evic

By: Chelsea Evic

Tip #1: Use Hydrating Skincare


We all know the toll that cold weather can take on our skin during the winter months. Dealing with a dry, flakey and tight complexion is uncomfortable and displeasing. Adding hydrating products to your skincare routine such as a face mask, face oil or moisturizer will help replenish and bring life back to your skin. Proper hydration will allow for a more even application of your favorite makeup products and boost your skin confidence!

Tip #2: Layers, Layers, Layers

Any Colorado resident knows the weather here has a mind of its own. It is best to be prepared for whatever the forecast has in store for any time of the day. Obviously, it is always icy cold in the mornings. However, it could either stay that way for the rest of the day or warm up to 50 degrees. Dressing in layers is a great way to stay warm in the chilly mornings, but also comfortable in the warmer afternoons and indoors. Not only that, but it’s very on-trend! Hoodies and turtlenecks are great for layering under trench coats, leather jackets, puffer coats or jean jackets.

Tip #3: Get Moving!

In the winter, it’s easy to feel tired and lazy. Getting a workout in even when you aren’t up to it will help break that winter slump, warm you up, and give you more energy. The CSU Rec Center offers a wide variety of classes such as indoor cycling, which is now FREE! Some other campus favorites are kickboxing, sculpt and power vinyasa.