Look Great, Keep Warm

Teagan Smith

It’s so simple and quick to throw on your favorite old North Face jacket and run out the door, but Fort Collins is stepping up to the fashion plate, and we recommend that you change what you’re throwing on.


It’s been suggested before by me, but I want to shine a light on how this fashion statement will make you not only look better in any style but will make you so much warmer too.

For those of you who refrain from going to Arc, you might want to reconsider. Just yesterday I found four, wonderfully warm and fashionable gentleman’s coats and trench coats. What’s stopping you from buying a lightly used Calvin Klein jacket for an insane deal, over a hoodie that will only give you a bit of layer and probably cost twice as much? Or for a FoCo look that says casually yet very fashionable. Better yet, I would describe the look as rolled out of bed, and confident; ready for the day. Don’t believe me? Check out these celebrities rocking the look! I’ll be sporting the look next Monday especially for the possible snow!

These jackets look amazing whether you pair them with jeans, dresses, skirts, and my favorite? Sweatpants.

Rock the look and stay comfortably warm this season in the best look that I have discovered are found for a steal.