Editor’s Blog: We’re starting something new

Julia Rentsch

Hello, there — welcome to the Editor’s Blog! It’s hot off the presses (or at least, hot off the Collegian’s WordPress) and represents the latest component of our newspaper’s push to become more transparent about what we do and how we do it. Here, you can read about the latest goings-on with The Rocky Mountain Collegian, written by me, Julia Rentsch, the current Editor in Chief. 

This past week, Feb. 12-18, was week five of the semester, and therefore pretty wild (that’s putting it nicely) for most CSU students. Since the Collegian is completely run by students — with the supervision of a few professional staff members who ensure we don’t completely fly off the rails — we were certainly feeling the crushing weight of the week, too, as we went about our work.


And yet, some journalism managed to get done! 

Our top five most-read stories of the week were:

  • The results of an investigation into men’s basketball coach Larry Eustachy that occurred in 2013, which were kept private until The Coloradoan looked into it this month. 
  • A brand-new opinion columnist’s observations about Hillary Clinton’s post-election fall from the public eye.
  • A crash that occurred Wednesday on Mulberry Street and led to a fatality.
  • How a student group made a video criticizing the Clark Building, which they hope will bring their concerns to the attention of university administrators.
  • CSU’s Border War victory and subsequent movement into first place in the Mountain West conference.

We also have some new website updates. On the top navigation bar, readers will now find a category of sponsored content, which our advertising department is now delving into to help keep us afloat. We also have separate “contact” and “about” pages, which may end up helping with a pretty big issue: It’s quite hard to figure out how to come work for us. In the future, we’ll have detailed instructions for general applicants and job openings for specific skills posted in the “contact” tab.

Our blogs desk has also taken a new form in the past week. While some of our former blogs have been discontinued, those that remain can be found filed under the category that makes most sense for them to be affiliated with — Nerdy News, for example, is now housed under Arts and Culture; Seriously can be found under Opinion. 

We are continuing to hold weekly community meetings at the Ramskeller on Fridays from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. Come by with questions or comments about our reporting, and my colleagues and I will seek to shed some light on our process. I explain our reasoning for beginning these meetings, and this transparency initiative as a whole, in this letter that ran in print and online a few weeks ago.

If, in any of our content, you encounter something you believe to be an error, you can now drop us a line at errors@collegian.com. Please provide your name and any evidence you may have that contradicts the offending claim, and we will attempt to set the truth straight right away.

Thanks as always for reading, liking, watching, and following.

‘Til next week,