Food Feuds: The marvelous munchie matchup

Renee Ziel

Graphic illustration depicting a donut and a cookie that are stoned fighting in a boxing match
(Graphic Illustration by Robbie Haynes | The Collegian)

Let’s face it — Fort Collins is a city of stoners. Whether this is unique to FoCo, a place where you’ll see more than one Cheba Hut Toasted Subs and plenty of smoke shops, or whether it’s just on account of our weed-centric state, the stoner population remains steady. And hungry.

This week, I’m taking a break from traditional FoCo food matchups to orchestrate the showdown between two of this town’s sweet favorites: Insomnia Cookies and Peace, Love and Little Donuts.


True, it’s harder to compare cookies to donuts, but hey, this one’s for the stoners. This is based not on the quality and comparison of food but on the quality of the munchie satisfaction. Today, I’m no food critic; I am but a humble representative of the kush-loving kids who crave sugar on their highs.

Insomnia Cookies

While it’s a shame I’m not sponsored for this, what’s not a shame is Insomnia’s relatively new $25 Commercial Break Snack Pack. This delicious deal includes six mini cookies, two classics, two deluxes, two brownies, one pint of ice cream and one dipper (frosting) cup.

For reference, the item with the closest price at $25.75 is the Insomniac Celebration Pack, including a 6-inch cookie cake, a pint of ice cream and a Super 6 pack, which includes five classic cookies and one deluxe. This, and other packs, is an excellent option, but are you getting the most out of it?

Obviously what you get here depends on what you like best, and when stoned, it’s normal to not care as long as you get your sugar fix. At the end of the day, Insomnia brings what I believe to be the best cookie goodness in town — sorry, Mary’s Mountain Cookies.

I tend to get classic chocolate chip cookies, triple chocolate and salted caramel. Their ice cream isn’t unique, but one can’t go without mentioning the cookies are always warm when you get them, even if they’re delivered. That being said, the chocolate chips are always just slightly melted, but not enough to be messy, and the dough is the soft, pull-apart-perfectly kind.

Additionally, if you’re not with more people or don’t want a crazy amount of cookies, any of Insomnia’s other packs and prices will work just fine. All you need to worry about is the flavor — and with Insomnia, it’s not a worry at all.

On top of the deal, Insomnia gets major cookie points for not only having their own app but delivering until 3 a.m. Thursday-Saturday and 1 a.m. other days. Are you kidding? Those are prime stoner hours, my friend. Now pass the bong and go order some killer cookies.

Peace, Love and Little Donuts

Insomnia’s College Avenue neighbor couldn’t really compete with cookies. Instead, they present the pothead’s perfect dream in a groovy joint, which is on its own level entirely.

At Peace, Love and Little Donuts, you can “feed your inner hippie” with tiny creations of their own powerful flavors. Why get giant donuts of only a few flavors when you can have one or two bites of 12? Or three bites if you have self-control, like a freak.

At the time of ordering, frankly, I was running low on time, so I only got a half dozen. A wonderful experience? Without a doubt. But it doesn’t do justice to the sheer divinity that is the Peace, Love and Little Donuts assemblage.


My favorite flavors, all on a glorious puff of yeast-leavened dough, are s’mores, strawberry cheesecake, apple pie and Butterfinger, dubbed “Buttafinger.” Peace, Love changes them up all the time, though, and there are easily dozens of flavors to choose from on any given day.

Also, fret not, my marijuana fiends who fear going out in public for everyone to know that they’re high — Grubhub delivers these compact pockets of scrumptiousness.

So who wins this round of Food Feuds? My money’s on Peace, Love and Little Donuts.

“But Renee, how could you compare cookies to donuts?!” I don’t know, don’t be too sober when you read this — you won’t have to think as hard. While Insomnia is mad exquisite, Peace, Love is obviously just made for the stoners, so it takes this round of munchie madness without a doubt.

Both places offer incredible foods for your cottonmouth sweet tooth, and with late-night delivery, Insomnia knows their market, but the products simply don’t reflect that. But people — Peace, Love has a Fruity Pebbles donut. And something called “Magically Delicious.” And strawberry French toast. That’s not made for sober people!

So next time you decide to partake in the sweet, sweet oui’d, you know where to go next.

Renee Ziel can be reached at or on Twitter @reneeziel.