Fortoberfest rakes in fall festivities, wraps up summer

Emily Pisqui

Crowd of people gathered for a small concert.
On Sept.21, Fortoberfest returned to Fort Collins for live music, food and a whole lot of beer. (Emily Pisqui | The Collegian)

The last outdoor music festival of the year tied in food and music for a fall friendly gathering this past Saturday. 

Inspired by Germany’s famous annual Oktoberfest which started on Sept. 21, Fortoberfest took over Old Town Square and gave locals a little taste of another culture. The festival was free to the public, bringing the chaotic fun of Oktoberfest to a local spot for students, families and visitors. 


Fortoberfest offered a variety of food, beer and live music. There were micro-breweries from Odell Brewing Co., Prost Brewing and High Country Beverage, which reflected Oktoberfest’s emphasis on beer. The live music lineup consisted of Moves at Midnight, Maxwell Mud, Crescent City Connection, Cary Morin, Guerrilla Fanfare and Whitewater Ramble.

While some attendees may have planned to join the festivities in advance, others came upon the festival accidentally and were intrigued by the high energy environment. 

“It’s nice to watch people enjoy themselves in a well known place like this,” said Tessa Smith, one of the attendees.

“I just got here and the event so far has a fun vibe to it,” Smith said. “I can’t wait to check the rest of this place out and listen to the music.” 

I love coming to events like this because it makes me love my community even more.”-Hannah Welchi, Fortoberfest attendee.

Cynthia Bigelow, there to represent KRFC 88.9 Radio Fort Collins, said this event had the perfect weather and loved that it was family friendly. 

“It’s a very special part of Fort Collins (Old Town Square), it’s nice to see a good amount of people here,” Bigelow said. “I’m hoping to hear some good music and meet some friends here today, and hopefully, get the radio’s name out there.”

As opposed to spending a regular day in Fort Collins, Fortoberfest offered an environment with new kinds of food and music which wrapped up summer nicely, bringing together families, locals, visitors and CSU alumni. 

“The sound of the music and the smell of the food caught my attention. I came here very hungry but I can just go into a restaurant or try some of the street food. It’s convenient,” said Hannah Welsh, another attendee at the festival. “I love trying new food and coming to events like this because it makes me love my community even more.”

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