6 tips for move-in day

Emily Pisqui

It’s time to say goodbye to summer break and get ready to start your new chapter at Colorado State University. This time can be stressful and chaotic. For incoming students, here are six tips to help you during move-in day. 

  1. Show up early, ready and caffeinated

Move-in is an incredibly chaotic time, so it’s in your best interest to show up as early as possible to miss the rush-hour of families moving their kids in. Though it seems intimidating, eating a good breakfast accompanied by as much caffeine as your body can handle is the best way to prepare for a busy day of moving. 


2. Find a close parking spot to unload

When you arrive to your residence hall on the 21st or 22nd, make sure you find the correct parking spot available. Depending on which residence hall you are assigned to, there will be free temporary parking and unloading zones. Unloading zones for residence halls will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Make sure you’re aware of the allotted times because any vehicles parked after 4 p.m. in unloading zones will be towed. 

3. Check out a cart

Carrying heavy furniture and boxes can be a good workout, but of course, it gets tiring after a while. Make unloading easier by checking out a cart from your residence hall check-in location. There might be a long wait list, so sign up for one right away. Have your RamCard with you to check out carts. 

4. Have someone with you

Move-in day can be overwhelming, especially coming onto a big campus. Having relatives or friends by your side will help the day go by smoother.

5. Meet people

It’s a long-held belief that the people you meet at the beginning of the year don’t stick around, but this notion isn’t true for everyone. Attending Ram Welcome events will help you be informed on what CSU has to offer, meet new people and become acquainted with the campus. You’ll also want to find time during your busy move-in day to meet your roommate. Many people’s freshman year roommates are their first friend at their new school, so the closer you are with your roommate, the easier it’ll be to adjust to college life. 

6. Know the transportation available to you

If you don’t have a vehicle with you on campus, there are options to help you. The Lory Student Center has the Campus Transit Center, so bring your RamCard to use the Transfort bus or MAX. Since CSU has a rather large campus, getting a bike is also a great investment so you don’t have to endure long walks to and from classes. Around the Horn will also help you navigate around the campus, so check out all the stops near your classes to make your first week easier. 


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