5 clubs on campus to help you find your niche

Sam Sedoryk

As the new semester begins at Colorado State University, there are plenty of opportunities and exciting things to do in the first few weeks. 

CSU offers a variety of student- and campus-organized clubs that can help you find your place on campus. Whether you’re looking to meet new friends or join a competitive team, here are five clubs to check out this semester.


  1. History Club   

Have you always been passionate about history? Whether you have a wealth of crazy fun facts about the middle ages or knowledge of ancient Chinese military tactics, anyone with an interest in history is welcome to join and share their wisdom. History Club offers a wide variety of activities, including their historical “Jeopardy” nights and community involvement.

Check out their Facebook page “History Club at CSU” or contact adam.thomas@colostate.edu.

2. Gillette Entomology Club

Do you enjoy studying the critters that roam your backyard? Put that enthusiasm to use with CSU’s Gillette Entomology Club. One of the oldest and most unique clubs on campus, the Entomology Club focuses on educating people about and preserving insects. The club offers many opportunities to inspect the insect world, hosting guest speakers, going on field trips, and doing other community outreach programs. 

Entomology Club meets the first Tuesday of every month at 1:00 p.m. You can contact them at csuentomologyclub@gmail.com.

Colorado State University clubs can be found on RamLink

3. German Club

Sprichen sie Deutsch? Or just love German culture? This club has fascinating and fun opportunities to exchange cultural ideas and language. German Club has bi-weekly meetings, as well as hosting “stammtisch,” a social talk where anyone can speak or learn German with fellow companions.

German Club meets the first and third Wednesday of each month at Wild Boar Cafe at 6:30 p.m.

Contact: csugermanclub@gmail.com or on Facebook at “CSU Deutschklub.”

4. CSU Climbing Team


Hang in there, CSU. There is no surprise that climbing and bouldering is a popular activity in Fort Collins. The Climbing Team competes for regional and national championships if you’re looking for a challenge, but they’re also focused on supporting the climbing community on campus. They are always looking for all levels of climbers and anyone with an interest in scaling some rocks.

Contact them at their Facebook, “Colorado State University Climbing Team,” or their email, csuclimbing@gmail.com.

5. CSU Super Smash Bros Club

Need to release some energy in a friendly or competitive game of Smash Bros? This virtual fight club has everything you’re looking for and is open to all levels of Smash Bros players. Will you be next week’s champion? 

Smash Club holds their weekly tournament every Wednesday in room 103 in the Behavioral Sciences Building at 5:30 p.m., or they can be contacted on their Facebook at “CSU Smash.”

Sam Sedoryk can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com and on Twitter @SamSedoryk.