Ye’s Poke Station shows skeptics the delicious side of raw fish

Audrey Weiss

I’m obsessed with raw fish; I’ve always loved sushi and tuna carpaccio. You can imagine my excitement back in May of 2017 when Poke entered my life for the first time. It seemed like a fad,  but low and behold, it made its way to Fort Collins and it packed a load of a punch. 

Ye’s Poke Station is one of the best Poke places I’ve ever been to. 


This place has more options than you can think of and at such a reasonable price, most of the customers seem to be college students. Not to mention, complimentary miso soup. The fish seems fresh and looks stunning. All of the staff seems to be pretty generous with their scoops, and even a small bowl fills me up fast. 

Ye’s Poke Station is located at 306 W Laurel St. and is open every day.

When you are done eating an amazing bowl of fish, rice, and loads of tempura flakes and vegetables, there’s always room for a dessert of crepes and ice cream. I have to admit that the crepes and ice cream here is good, but definitely not the best I’ve had. It’s a pretty typical dessert but satisfying and certainly far from bad. 

The star of the show for me is definitely the boba. I’ve been an avid boba-drinker for at least seven years now. I take it very seriously and have favorite locations in various parts of Colorado, New York and California. I got to say, Ye’s is by far the best boba in Fort Collins. The base is always delicious and the boba itself is the perfect balance of sweetness. 

This place checks all my boxes. It’s one of the few things I crave in Fort Collins and I wanna eat lunch there on my birthday, so you can say it’s pretty serious. 

Audrey Weiss can be reached at and on Twitter @audkward.