5 ways to avoid traffic near CSU this Homecoming weekend

Julia Trowbridge

Who else hates traffic?

Homecoming weekend at Colorado State University is from Oct. 12 – 14, and with it comes CSU alum, families and students celebrating the University with many events. Everyone and their grandmother comes to Fort Collins and crowds up the roads with their joyous celebrations.


For those who may not enjoy celebrating, people, and especially traffic, here are five ways to avoid traffic in Fort Collins this Homecoming weekend.

  1. Don’t be in Fort Collins.

The Saturday football game sounds exciting, but the traffic, and not to mention the parking, does not. The easiest way to avoid all that nonsense is to not even be in the City in the first place.

The commute may be a little more difficult when it comes to every other week of the school year, but it’s all worth it to avoid the commotion of Homecoming weekend. You can drive wherever you want with reasonable amounts of traffic and spend time in your home without listening to cheers from the football game. The world is your oyster.

2. Leave the city early Friday. 

The Homecoming parade sounds super cool, but finding a friend who doesn’t live in Fort Collins you can crash with for the weekend might sound cooler.

It may not be a nice, comfy couch to sleep on, but in the end, you’re avoiding the stress of traffic. Spend the weekend bonding with your out-of-town friend and eating their food, or spend the weekend with your parents. It’s about time you spent time with them anyway. 

3. Stay at home. 

Maybe you want to go to the Festival on the Oval with live music and old yearbooks to reminisce over, but you could stay cooped up in your room watching Netflix or doing homework instead.

Imagine all the time you’ll save when you’re not idling on College Avenue trying to get through an intersection in order to join in on the festivities. Do people even enjoy festivities? 

It’s unfortunate that the new season of “Game of Thrones” isn’t out yet, but there are plenty of other movies or TV shows to watch.


4. Take the MAX.

One of the perks about the City of Fort Collins is all the public transportation available.

If you’re really going to go out in the jungle of joyous alumni and families, the crowds on a bus is the least of your worries. Why sit in traffic and drive to campus to see the Friday Night Lights, when you can take the faster and much more efficient bus? It might be the only logical solution to moving from one location to another this Homecoming weekend.

5. Avoid College Avenue. 

If you do decide to tailgate for Saturday’s football game, the best thing you can do for yourself is avoid the busiest road near campus: College Avenue.

Create a route to your tailgating spot to avoid this street by combining your car, the MAX and walking to make it to your spot on time. Although avoiding College Avenue seems impossible when traveling to campus, there’s really no other way to avoid traffic.

Whether you’re enjoying the celebration of CSU, avoiding people as much as you can or are simply catching up on homework this weekend, stay safe and remember: there’s going to be a lot of traffic.

Julia Trowbridge can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter at @chapin_jules.