10 ways to look like a freshman at CSU

Elena Waldman

Many incoming freshmen may be wondering how to properly fit in with the college scene.

On the other hand, many new-comers are looking to distinguish themselves as freshmen among the large sea of Colorado State University students. For those who want to let people know they’re new to Fort Collins, there are many ways to appear as “freshman” as possible.


Orientation leaders Luke Contreras, Taylorae Dewitt and Christian Kalenga chant “I’m proud, to be, a CSU Ram!” July 10 while incoming CSU students walk by as part of the Preview Orientation. The Preview program runs through June and July and helps incoming freshmen and transfer students to get accustomed to the university and Fort Collins community.

1. Wear your Ram Welcome shirt to every football game

Don’t bother making festive CSU shirts or spending money on merch at the bookstore. The Ram Welcome shirts are both stylish and unique, and wearing them will let everyone know how much fun orientation was. 

2. Bring every textbook to class — even the ones that aren’t necessary

As a rule of thumb, every student’s backpack should be at least half of their body weight. If everyone isn’t suffering from back problems halfway through the semester, then they clearly aren’t hauling enough unnecessary items around. 

3. Get enough sleep

By the time most students have reached their third or fourth semester, they’ve already pulled an unhealthy amount of all-nighters and likely have an I.V. of caffeine going straight into their bloodstream. Having no bags under the eyes is a sure sign someone has yet to endure a college finals week. 

4. Walk in a group of friends to every destination

No freshman should ever be seen walking alone unless they want to appear as “independent” or “mature.”

‘The Stump’ in the plaza can be seen by students who walk through the plaza between classes. Alone or with friends, the stump gives a chance to speak your mind and celebrate free speech. (Forrest Czarnecki | Collegian)

5. Fail to understand the bus routes

Stand at the CSU transit center for more than 30 minutes and try to figure out which bus goes to the nearest grocery store. When a freshman can’t figure it out they usually just call an Uber to and from campus. 


6. Go to every single party within a 20-mile radius

Freshmen should never be seen staying in on a Friday night. A great way to cultivate one’s social life in college is through the party scene, so rookies should try and tackle every party in Fort Collins — even if they have to walk. 

7. Buy a Razor Scooter to get around.

This one is self-explanatory.  

8. Wait a month to do laundry. 

When freshman finally realize they don’t have a personal maid in the dorms, they tend to start laundry when everything is dirty and they can’t Febreze it anymore, which tends to be a month in. Freshmen also tend to forget about the clean clothes for 2 days until someone has removed it from the dryer and left it in a pile on the floor. Repeat a month later. 

9. Care about fitting in

Despite many misconceptions, popularity is still very prevalent in college and social climbing will definitely lend students a more successful and enriching undergraduate experience. Newcomers should avoid joining clubs or organizations that are relevant to their “passions” or “interests”. Instead, make associations based on superficial qualities. 

10. Have fun and make memories

It’s important to work hard but remember to have as much fun this first year before things hit the fan. Students only have one year to really do nothing until everything starts to fall apart. 

Collegian reporter Elena Waldman can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com. Her Twitter handle is @nicejewishgirl3.