Let’s get thrifty: Fort Collins thrift stores for any budget and style

Elena Waldman

In an age where technology can be overwhelming, it may be time to switch the online shopping carts to real ones and start shopping locally. 

For those who rummage the Urban Outfitters clearance section hoping to find something cool and vintage that doesn’t cost more than a month’s rent, the alternative is right here in Fort Collins.


Scattered throughout the city are some of the most charming thrift stores that will give some needed retail therapy that makes your bank account happy too. 

  1. Flamingo Boutique 

140 W Oak St

Flamingo Boutique is always up-to-date for someone looking for the latest trends.

Located on Oak Street in Old Town, the quaint consignment shop offers clothing, furniture, shoes and accessories.

Store front with mannequin and sign in front of it.
Front of Wear It Again, Sam consignment store.

The boutique will buy used items but can be quite selective. According to Niesha Kinney, whose family owns the store, they try to only take in items that are within three months of the current season.

2. Wear it Again, Sam

140 S College Ave

Named after a popular 70’s movie, Wear it Again, Sam is the perfect destination for more eccentric shoppers. The vintage store in Old Town holds quintessential styles of some of the most iconic fashion eras, from the 1920s to the 1970s.

Aside from clothing and accessories, the boutique also rents out costumes for nights that require more eccentric attire.   

4. Repeat Boutique


1502 S College Ave

For those who enjoy a more relaxed style, Repeat Boutique is an interesting site to find a fun outfit for going out. Located in an old

Photo of old house turned into a store.
Local Fort Collins Thrift Store Repeat Boutique. (Elena Waldman| Collegian)

house on College Avenue, the vintage consignment store has several different rooms and levels to explore, containing everything from clothing to accessories to household items.

5. Plato’s Closet

4372 S College Ave 

Plato’s Closet on College Avenue offers a much more eclectic selection of secondhand clothing. Style isn’t compromised, however, as the store is very particular about the items they sell. The store offers name brand clothing at a much cheaper price.

Offering cash for used items, Plato’s accepts mint condition clothing from recognizable brands such as Levi’s and Nike.

6. Ragstock

228 S College Ave

Ragstock, a popular clothing store in Old Town, is also an option for thrifty shoppers. Though most of the items in the store

Narrow inside house with mannequins
Inside the former house that is now Repeat Boutique. Elena Waldman | Collegian

are new, there is a designated area for secondhand clothes. The items labeled ‘recycled’ include overalls, graphic tees, tye dye, 90s jackets, flannels and denim jackets.

7. Brand Spanking Used 

227 S College Ave

For a more generic thrifting experience Brand Spanking Used is the place to go. The store in Old Town has a much wider range of secondhand products such as clothing, books, mattresses, furniture, household items and electronics. Donations of all kinds are also accepted, so long as they are in good condition.

Fort Collins has a wide variety of thrifting options for locals. It is a great way to find cheap clothing for the upcoming school year. 

Elena Waldman can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter @elenawaldman0.