Sip with the seasons: 5 drinks for summer

Ty Davis

If you plan on doing any drinking this summer, there are few places better than Fort Collins.

Fort Collins hosts 21 licensed breweries, according to a 2016 Department of Revenue statistic. With new libations created regularly, here are five summer beers you can try this season. 


A New Belgium employee pours beer for customers in the tasting room after a tour on Tuesday.

Three Four Beer Co.: Chester Copperpot Kettle Sour

Several sour and fruitier flavors compliment the summertime. While some may be put off by the tastes of sour beer, the Chester Copperpot has a sharp sourness that doesn’t overwhelm the drink. By adding flavors of caramel and dark cherry, Three Four Beer Co. ensures the drink is well balanced, giving it a sweet-tart flavor that is light bodied and smooth. 

Funkwerks: Boysenberry Provincial

Known for their eccentric personality, Funkwerks stays true to form with its limited release Boysenberry Provincial.  A hybrid of several berries, the boysenberry is recognized for its sweet yet tart flavor. The provincial leans more towards sweet, but considering how addicting it is, that is hardly a criticism. The zest of the drink is faint but noticeable and a very smooth and airy texture makes it easy to drink.

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New Belgium: Single Foeder Oscar No. 65

Making a summer drink list without seeing what New Belgium has to offer would be remiss. Joining the other sours on this list is the Single Foeder Oscar No. 65.  This beer doesn’t balance itself with a sweeter flavor, instead, New Belgium chose to lean into the beer’s sourness for a drink with a pungency sure to give the drinker a jolt. The beer has a heavy, dark body, opposite of most summer beers, but if your goal is to have a beer with a rich, unique, flavor to sip, give it a try.

Elliot’s Martini Bar: MILF & Cookies

The only drink on this list that isn’t sour or fruity beer and was chosen because it is indicative of another summer past time; ice-cream. The concept, the drink, and thus the explanation, is straightforward. If you want alcoholic cookies and cream, this is what you should order. The only caution this drink comes with is it’s fairly strong taste of alcohol, meaning you will be feeling the effects of this boozy, Oreo beverage. 

CooperSmith’s Pub & Brewing: What-A-Melon


Maybe a simple summer ale is more your speed. Coopersmith’s What-A-Melon is a light blonde ale made with watermelon juice and served with a wedge of watermelon. The drink has a light body that goes down smooth, with juicy flavor that compliments the taste of a blonde ale.

With so many bars and breweries in so little space, Fort Collins has no shortage of drink variety. So enjoy the summer, and try something new.

Ty Davis can be reached at or on Twitter @tydavisACW.