Comet Chicken flies the coop and almost sticks the landing

Ty Davis

From the incandescent bulbs dangling all over the restaurant to the decorative roosters, Comet Chicken aims to mix classic Americana with modern sensibilities. 

A four piece basket of fried chicken.
The four piece Chicken Tenders Basket on Monday, October 9, 2017 from newly opened Comets Chicken. Photo by Josh Schroeder Collegian.

Recently opened, Comet Chicken adds an individual spin to iconic recipes.


The first thing I noticed about the fries was the lack of grease. They barely had a sheen to them. The fries had this full, golden taste that really comes through, throughout the entire side order. I do not think I tasted a single handful without this amazing golden flavor. But, the fries were drowning in salt. Once you have finished them, there is an intense after taste that completely covers your mouth and makes you want to chug your drink.

The chicken was incredibly tender but the breading lacked crispness. This happened during my first visit too, the chicken did not have any crunch to it. The actual buffalo sauce did not have any kick to it and was so acidic that it bordered on being sour.   

Half the sandwiches feature coleslaw—including the buffalo—and it is a side feature when you order the chicken tenders. I do not usually care for coleslaw, but I actually found this recipe delicious. The coleslaw was incredibly sweet and extremely creamy. It literally dripped off my hands as I was eating the sandwich.

Overall, I did not find the sum of any part of the sandwich distinct or enjoyable in their own right. Each component was decent but nothing special. But, like my first visit I had to consciously prevent myself from wolfing it down. When all the flavors came together, it created a robust, indescribable, taste that completely mesmerizes you.

A Americana style restaurant with chairs and tables. Mostly dark brown, with warm color accents.
New to Mountain Avenue, Comet Chicken shows off an American farmland style. Photo by: Ty Davis

The restaurant presents a unique aesthetic. The restaurant is a mixture between a toy store and rustic American kitchen with a modern twist. Most of the restaurant is covered in a dark colored wood and is accented with bright, warm. Across the restaurant, you can see decorative roosters and ceilings fans styled after classic windmills. The service area behind the counter is a sleek, tile-covered area resembling a contemporary kitchen. The most striking part of the restaurant is a cartoony wood carving of a chicken in a rocket ship above the ordering area.

The restaurant offers an assortment of cocktails along with other drinks like beer, hibiscus tea and nitro coffee brew coffee. While there may be some who appreciate their inclusion, I cannot help but question why these options exist at all. Not only is no one expecting these options to be there, but most people likely do not want these options when eating at a chicken joint. The restaurants time could be better served offering more dish options and a variety of other options that are more suited for this type of restaurant.

Comet Chicken is located at 126 W. Mountain Ave

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