Best places to eat on game days

Alec Erickson

Whether you’re looking for a place to eat while watching the homecoming game on TV, or you just want a place in town with a short wait time, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best places eat and drink on game days in Fort Collins: 

Music City Hot Chicken and Black Bottle Brewery


The inside of MCHC
Music City Hot Chicken in Fort Collins, Colo. (Chapman Croskell | Collegian)

When it comes to good spots for some tailgating off campus, students don’t have to look to far. Music City Hot Chicken and Black Bottle Brewery are working on building a more affordable and fun alternatives to game day festivities. While the two businesses are no strangers to collaborating with each other, they are bringing in food trucks and spotlighting other breweries.  

“We are trying to build that tailgating culture between our two business,” said Sam Graf, owner and bar manager for Music City Hot Chicken. 

With a unique game day menu that features some poutine and cheese curds, Music City Hot Chicken is looking to give fans a different kind of experience. Additionally, they will have games and give away beer koozies, and Black Bottle will give away prizes and raffles.

Graf said you should come to Music City Hot Chicken “if you are looking for something that is bit more lowkey than something that is on campus.”

Krazy Karl’s Pizza

A bar in a brewery.
Black Bottle Brewery in Fort Collins, Colo. (Chapman Croskell | Collegian)

When it comes to Fort Collins food, it’s impossible not to mention Krazy Karl’s Pizza. Students found that his was a packed place before and after the game, but that speaks to how good the food quality is. Pizza is something a lot of students around campus can’t get enough of.

Pizza Casbah

For the students looking for pizza a little bit further away from the stadium, there is Pizza Casbah. Most students who eat here on game days find it to not be too packed and the deals to be well worth it. 

“It was the best pizza I’ve ever had,” said Kaylee Thoen, a human development and family studies major.



The interior of Pizza Casbah
Pizza Casbah offers a casual pizza space. (Chapman Croskell | Collegian)

This is a topic of hot debate among some of the local pizza goers. The wait time, according to various students, is 10- 15 minutes. So for quick and affordable food, Pizza Casbah is always an option.

Big City Burrito

Moving more towards downtown Fort Collins, students found themselves at Big City Burrito. 

“It’s not super close to the stadium,” said Brian Lonborg, a sophomore international studies major.

Lonborg said there is a chill atmosphere and decent wait times for food, which is another good option for students who are looking to get away from the masses when trying to get a bite to eat on game day. 

Cooper Smith’s Pub & Brewing

Located right in Old Town Square, Cooper Smith’s Pub & Brewing found is a more lowkey destination for students to come and hangout, especially after the game.

“It was a little packed, but it was just a fun place to hang out with friends after the game,” said Associated Students of CSU President Josh Silva.

 With a large food and beer menu as well as pool, students will find that there is plenty to eat, drink and do at Cooper Smith’s.

Buffalo Wild Wings

While this may be an obvious one for the game day experiences, it’s surprisingly not too packed.  

“There were a lot of fans there to cheer with,” said Sierra Simpson, a second-year Zoology major.

Something to expect when you go to Buffalo Wild Wings is a lot of engaged sports fans. 

Collegian reporter Alec Erickson can be reached at or on Twitter @CTV_Ace.