MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza Company offers traditional food in a non-traditional atmosphere

Nate Day

MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza Company says it best on their own table cards: “Pure ingredients. Rare freshness. Classical simplicity. Historical heritage.”

(Natalie Dyer | Collegian)

The surprisingly chic pizza joint allows diners the opportunity to experience authentic Italian-style pizza—as well as appetizers, salads and desserts—that rival food from Italy itself. While the food is often simplistic, the pure taste, aesthetic presentation style and obvious effort to create a genuine Italian experience make it a truly special experience.


The restaurant is surprisingly modern for featuring a menu of traditional Italian pizzas. In fact, it looks more like a contemporary American sushi joint than any kind of tradition-focused restaurant, but the unique ambiance sets MidiCi apart from any other pizza place.

Unfortunately, the location of the restaurant is a bit frustrating, as it’s located off Harmony in the parking lot of the Banner Medical Center. There are a few other restaurants in the area, but it’s a bit of a haul from the end of town where the University is, and it’s difficult to find once you finally get out there. However, the space is clean, the small number of neighboring restaurants makes it comfortable and the patio is the perfect place to enjoy a drink and a slice of ‘za. The staff is extremely friendly, walking you through the unique ordering process—which can be overwhelming at times—as well as ensuring that you’re enjoying your experience throughout your visit. Similarly, the dynamic atmosphere would make MidiCi’s ideal for a large group dinner or a one-on-one date night.

(Natalie Dyer | Collegian)

MidiCi focuses on Neapolitan pizza, which they refer to as “light, thin, soft, and chewy, with a high airy crust.” While it would be incorrect to say that the pizza is 100 percent unique, it was absolutely delicious, and after just one bite, it was clear that only fresh ingredients were used. In addition, MidiCi did seem to have the perfect balance of grease and pizza; not so much that it’ll upset your stomach, and not so little that the pizza is dry. Other dishes, such as their burrata with melon and prosciutto di San Daniele, wood-fire baked truffle cheese bread and signature gelato were all hits with customers around the restaurant. The restaurant also featured a handsome drink menu including a number of adult beverages, but also a generous amount of teas and authentic Italian sodas.

(Natalie Dyer | Collegian)

Fort Collins is a fantastic city to be in if you’re looking to find some great eats, and MidiCi is a great restaurant to add to your list. Despite the awkward location, the food is great, and the atmosphere is utterly unique, making every bite worth the drive.

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