‘Having a bad day? Mary’s Mountain.’ Local cookie store satisfies community’s sweet tooth

Mareena Winchell

Mary’s Mountain Cookies has been satisfying sweet tooth cravings since 1986.

Introduced by a female entrepreneur named Mary Johns, the menu contains a variety of treats from cookies, brownies, edible cookie dough and ice cream filled cookies.


“One time my parents ordered a huge cookie from Mary’s Mountain since I do not like cake, and I was the happiest I have ever been,” said Beth Young, a Mary’s Mountain Cookies customer. “I think Mary’s Mountain appeals to kids, especially college kids because we can never decline great desserts. Having a bad day? Mary’s Mountain. Having a good day? Also, Mary’s Mountain.”

Cookie selection at Mary’s Mountain Cookies. Photo credit: Brianna Nash

Mary’s Mountain Cookies has a great reputation in Fort Collins. Being such an essential part to the Old Town experience, many would say that you cannot visit Old Town without stopping by Mary’s Mountain Cookies.

“Mary’s Mountain has always been there for me, and it obviously never disappoints,” said Joseph Junez, Mary’s Mountain Cookies customer. “My personal favorite is a Chocolate Chip Avalanche. There are absolutely no flaws within the Chocolate Chip Avalanche. It has two soft chocolate chip cookies, and between those cookies is butter cream filling. Even just talking about how great Mary’s Mountain is makes me crave it.”

Aside from the cookies, Mary’s Mountain Cookies has a vast selection of brownies as well. They have plain, cream cheese and even mint-frosted brownies.

“The store itself has so much character,” said Tessa Brookendal, a Mary’s Mountain Cookies customer. “Walking into Mary’s Mountain, it feels like you are walking into your grandma’s kitchen or a family setting. You can tell these cookies are made with love. You can just taste the quality and goodness.”

Mary’s Mountain Cookies in Old Town. Photo credit: Brianna Nash


Mary’s Mountain Cookies makes everything from scratch. The store does not claim to be a completely gluten-free kitchen, but they do try to appeal to the needs of those who may have allergies.

“I like how Mary’s Mountain has gluten-free cookies,” said Paul Wenters, Mary’s Mountain Cookies customer. “As a person who cannot eat gluten, it is nice that I can still enjoy a good cookie every once and a while. Not only does Mary’s Mountain have gluten free cookies, but they actually have a lot of variety.”

Cookie selection at Mary’s Mountain Cookies. Photo credit: Brianna Nash

Mary’s Mountain Cookies locations are 123 N. College Ave #106 and 2842 Council Tree Ave. The bakery caters, accepts online orders and is open 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily.

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