Battle of the boba: Where to get the best boba tea in Fort Collins

Mareena Winchell

To all of the self-proclaimed boba-holics out there, Fort Collins has a couple places you need to know about. Teriyaki Wok, Oasiz Boba and Ku Cha House of Tea offer the best boba tea in town.

A white chocolate boba drink from Teriyaki Wok Two is depicted. (Michael Berg | Collegian)

Boba, also known as “Bubble Tea,” is a drink that contains tapioca balls usually paired with tea. Tapioca balls can make or break a boba drink. They are tiny, chewy balls with a delicate sugariness. Tapioca balls can be paired with numerous teas or frozen drinks.


When it comes to tea, these boba locations offer two forms of tea with boba. The first type is boba milk tea. Boba milk tea has more of a silky-smooth consistency. The second type is iced tea, which has a lighter consistency.

Another option is to mix boba with frozen drinks. The slush form of boba has more of an icy, chewy consistency, and the snow form of boba has more of a creamy, Frappuccino-like texture.

Teriyaki Wok

Location: 829 S. Shields St.

Teriyaki Wok II was nominated for having some of the best boba in town. March 6th, 2017. (Michael Berg | Collegian)

Teriyaki Wok should be at the top of your list when craving boba. Teriyaki Wok offers a lot of popular flavors like cookies and cream, spiced chai, starburst and piña colada. They also have more original favors like taro, vanilla, hazelnut and black or green tea.

Oasiz Boba

Location: 128 W. Laurel St.

Oasiz Boba has classic flavors like Thai tea, milk tea and taro tea. Oasiz also has unique and fun flavors like banana, avocado, pineapple and papaya. If you prefer softer and chewier boba, this is your go-to place.

Ku Cha House of Tea

Location: 128 S. College Ave.


The Ku Cha House of Tea is reportedly known for some of the best boba in town. March 7th, 2017. (Michael Berg | Collegian)

Try Ku Cha House of Tea for a fancier option. This is a traditional Chinese tea house that serves over 150 loose leaf teas and boba. Ku Cha House of Tea offers to go cups that cost around $4. They have three very popular boba favors which include traditional milk tea, mango green tea and traditional chai tea.