Urban Bowls brings global cuisine to Campus West

Connor Deblieck

Known for its selection of food choices, Campus West has ushered in a new restaurant to celebrate the new year.

Urban Bowls, located right next door to Fuzzy’s, offers a wide range of global cuisine all in one place.


Ranging from a Pineapple Curry Bowl to BBQ pork, Urban Bowls offers something for every palate.

With moderately priced dishes, Urban Bowls is a great place to dine for an affordable date or for those looking for healthier options than ramen.

While the prices for entrees fall just under $9, they are a perfect balance of quantity and quality.

The Sweet Chili Scampi bowl they offer was flavorful and perfectly filling. There was not too little or too much food. The bowls have a slight customization option that allows customers to choose different proteins. The options available were: chicken, pork, beef, tofu and shrimp. With the shrimp being an usual up-charge, the chicken was a suitable alternative that blended well with the sauce, rice, broccoli and garlic.

There was not too much of one thing, so no ingredients or flavors overpowered the others. While the meal, for its price, did not have much in quantity, it was perfectly filling and you do not feel like you ate too much.

For those with a sweet tooth, Urban Bowls offers just a small choice of desserts catered to those who crave something not typically found on the dessert menus in the plethora of other restaurants in Campus West. From mango mousse and fried bananas to ice cream with fried beignets, Urban Bowls offers anything but American cuisine and sweets.

The fried beignets, a French deep fried pastry, was sort of like a smaller and crispier sopapilla that was served with a selection of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream. For something straying from the norm, the beignets and ice cream complemented each other perfectly and made for a light and savory sweet.

Aside from their menu, Urban Bowls offered a modern style dining experience with a friendly and knowledgeable staff who are great for helping first-time customers find the perfect dish.

Urban Bowls is simplistic with its interior design, and even though their menu has a wide range or different cuisines, it is also simple and concise. The menu is not overwhelmingly expansive like the Cheesecake Factory.

With a blend of an inviting atmosphere and modern dining style, Urban Bowls offers a wide range of delicious dishes that are sure to catch on with visitors to Campus West.