Garbanzo Mediterranean in the LSC offers a healthy lunchtime alternative

Many CSU students eat lunch in the food court of the LSC at popular restaurants like Taco Bell, Panda Express and Carl’s Jr. But, this semester, Garbanzo Mediterranean is offering students a healthier lunchtime option.

The layout of Garbanzo Mediterranean is identical to Spoons’ and Subway’s where you select the entree and move down the line from there. You can select from a pita bread sandwich, a salad, a plate, a burrito or a flatbread sandwich.


Upon selecting your entree, you get to decide what protein you want. You can choose from chicken, steak or falafel. Then you a get to choose from a selection of fillings, such as original hummus, seasonal hummus, romaine lettuce, tomato cucumber salad, baba ganoush, rice, red cabbage and tabbouleh. Finally, you choose your sauce. Some of their most popular sauces are tzatziki, red chili, cilantro sauce and tahini.

I ordered a plate with falafel, romain lettuce, humus, tabbouleh, tomato cucumber salad, rice and tzatziki sauce.

I only had two complains about my meal. The falafel lacked flavor. I would have wanted it to have more seasoning. And, the tabbouleh had a little too much mint which overpowered the other flavors.

I particularly liked the rice. Although most rices are bland, this rice had good seasoning and a unique flavor. I also loved the tzatziki sauce. It complimented the dish really well. Because the sauce is yogurt based, it added a creamy consistency to the dish.

While most people think that healthy eating is expensive, Garbanzo Mediterranean was reasonably priced. My dish, which came with a drink and a side, cost less than 12 dollars. And, plates are the most expensive items on their menu.

For those who have not tried Mediterranean cuisine or are looking for a healthy restaurant in the LSC, Garbanzos Mediterranean is a delicious starting point.