Newly opened Daddy Cakes Bakery offers more than 30 different treats

Daddy Cakes Bakery, the newly opened pastry shop on south College Avenue, is nestled in a small shop, but inside is an urban atmosphere where more than 36 different meals, snacks and desserts are created.

When first walking into the store, one of the initial impressions I received was how open the space felt despite its small size. The decor of Daddy Cakes Bakery conveys a rustic aura catered to fit in perfectly with the outdoors feeling of Fort Collins. With this welcoming atmosphere, Daddy Cakes Bakery puts a twist on the typical bakery feeling.


Claiming to have Fort Collins’ best croissants, Daddy Cakes Bakery has multiple types of flavors including brown sugar, raspberry, ham and cheese and even spinach and goat cheese.

I tried the brown sugar and the bacon and cheddar croissants. True to its word, Daddy Cakes Bakery’s croissants were flaky and perfectly crafted to create a thick and fluffy pastry.

Daddy Cakes Bakery also offers individual quiches and cake slices that are perfectly moist and delectable and include a range of flavors such as carrot cake and limoncello. Bakeries do not normally offer such a wide variety of foods, which makes Daddy Cakes Bakery that more appealing.

What is particularly special for bakery connoisseurs wanting to try Daddy Cakes Bakery is the set up. The bakers craft and decorate professional cakes in front of the store where customers can watch. This unique factor enforced feelings of comfort and homeliness.

The multiple options were what really proved to make Daddy Cakes Bakery a noteworthy business. Overall, I would recommend visiting Daddy Cakes Bakery and trying out one of their many enjoyable treats.