New Fort Collins food truck, Come N Get It, provides comfort food with a twist

When the dinner bell rings, its time to come and get it. That’s the idea behind chef Micah O’Gan’s new Fort Collins food truck called Come N Get It.

After a 20 year career of working in various restaurant kitchens around Fort Collins, O’Gan became burnt out from cooking other people’s menus. He spent time as a photographer, bartender and truck driver before pursuing his lifelong dream of cooking his own culinary creations.


“I always had the plan to at some point in life have my own restaurant,” O’Gan said. “I figured this food truck thing would be a really good, easy way to start doing my own menu.”

O’Gan said his inspiration for cooking comes from his mother and his Irish-American heritage. Growing up eating signature dishes like meatloaf and corned beef, O’Gan’s menu resembles classic comfort food, but he always makes it a point to add creative twists to the more well-known dishes.

Take the corned beef taco. The recipe includes corned beef, cabbage and carrot slaw and a ginger-lime cream sauce all wrapped up in a tortilla.

O’Gan also values community at his food truck. All of his ingredients are sourced from local farms, with a precedent placed on freshness and flavor. Come N Get It only uses Colorado beef and pork, and, for the most part, O’Gan only cooks with local vegetables.

Chili peppers show up in many of the truck’s dishes. Most commonly, O’Gan implements Texas-style red chilis into his dishes. Although, Hatch green chilis be making an appearance in his fall menu. His grilled Palisade Peaches are topped with Noosa’s pineapple-jalopeno yogurt. And even the truck is adorned with chili decor.

Although the competition is tough in the Fort Collins food industry, O’Gan doesn’t seem too worried, referring to the food truck community as a “tight family.”

And while there are many different styles represented by Fort Collins food trucks, O’Gan is claiming the simple and comfortable niche.

“I cook real food for real people,” O’Gan said.

Come N Get It regularly parks at Pateros Creek Brewing on Fridays.