Final day of NewWestFest brings music, food and enjoyment

The warm afternoon sunshine faded perfectly into a cool evening as the final day of NewWestFest came to a close.

Sunday featured six different stages around Old Town with an all-Colorado lineup of nearly 40 bands. Many genres of music were represented from post-punk rock and honky-tonk to hip-hop, Chicago blues and soul.


Booths were set up around the streets of downtown that advertised local businesses, artwork and crafts. Food carts and vendors provided both the typical festival food and their own unique creations.

Trout Steak Revival, a Denver-based bluegrass outfit, provided one of the more memorable performances of the afternoon. Their music was punctuated by flying fiddle solos and punchy slide guitar riffs. The plucking of strings wafted over the mix of cowboy boots, fedora’s and floppy hats. People young and old gathered towards the stage to stomp along with the rhythm.

Another standout performance came from local artist Liz Barnez, who took the stage at Library Park with her backing band to play her version of swamp folk. New Orleans influences were apparent in the group’s laid back sound. The crowd sheltered from the heat under the shade of the park’s trees, wallowing in Barnez’s smooth grooves.

On the small singer-songwriter stage, The Good Time Travelers belted Americana folk jams. The duo switched between mandolin and guitar in the intimate setting. Their neatly curled mustaches and fedora topped heads fit their small-town musical style, but didn’t distract from their obvious talent on the strings.

The Epilogues closed down the evening on the Linden Street Stage. The Indie rockers were loud and proud, pumping synthesizer heavy music into the next block.

The final performance of the festival came from Elephant Revival. A packed audience swayed to the sound of the band’s lively melodies. Frontwoman Bonnie Paine added flair to the group’s string-based folk tunes on percussion, complete with a washboard and rain sticks. Energy radiated from the stage, providing a fittingly bohemian vibe to the end of the Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest.

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