A guide to music venues in and around Fort Collin

Alec Erickson

From left to right, Roger Clyne, Jim Dalton, and Jeremy Lawton perform at the Downtown Artery. (Dalton McMillan | Collegian)

There’s no denying that Fort Collins is a huge place for entertainment. If you like rock, country, rap, jazz, indie, or even comedy, there are always shows going on in and around Fort Collins. With dozens of shows and venues to choose from every week, here is a guide to help you decide where to go and what to see:

Avogadro’s Number


If you enjoy good food and live music, you don’t have to look far to find a place that you will enjoy. Avogadro’s Number, located just off South Mason Street, is a bar, music venue and restaurant all in one. Concerts are cheap and the menu provides a variety of options. There is a huge focus on local music, with some free shows and occasional open mics. Avogadro’s is not the biggest and best venue in Fort Collins, but it does provide a different experience than other venues do. Here are some upcoming shows to check out:

The New Tulsa Sound – August 25

The Joe O’Bryan Band – August 27

The T-Band – September 9

Aggie Theatre

Tried and true, Aggie Theatre stands at over a century old. This is most likely one of the first concert venues you will go to in Fort Collins. You can always find a wide variety of music at the Aggie, from the biggest headliners to some up and coming local artists. Tickets are never enough to break the bank but are a bit more expensive than other venues in Fort Collins. Aside from the music, the Aggie also provides college students with an adult atmosphere. In fact, most shows have a 16 and over policy, and the venue includes a bar. Here are some must-see shows coming soon to Aggie Theatre:

Fishbone W/ Home Fried Boogaloo – September 8

Parkway Drive W/ We Came As Romans – September 29

Wookiefoot W/ Jon Wayne & The Pain – October 21

Hodi’s Half Note


Just down the street from Aggie Theatre is Hodi’s Half Note. This venue is more for those who are fans of rap and indie. Although, quite a few comedy acts perform here as well. Seeing a show at Hodi’s Half Note is a must during your time in Fort Collins. The atmosphere is completely different than anywhere else. Tickets for most shows are pretty cheap, and there is usually an act that is always worth the money. With multiple shows a week, there is always a reason to find your way down College Avenue and stop by. Here are some shows coming to Hodi’s Half Note this fall:

The Jauntee W/ Sweet Lillies – August 31

Jimkata – September 15

Jared & The Mill W/ Edison – October 16

Downtown Artery

Featuring a remodeled gallery, a café, an attached bar, a retail store, recording studio and an art classroom, the Downtown Artery is Fort Collins’ all-in-one venue. This venue is all about up-and-coming artists. The music here comes in a wide variety of genres, and everyone can find something that they will enjoy. Although the Downtown Artery provides fewer acts than other venues in Fort Collins do, it is still worth at least checking out because it isn’t your usual run of the mill venue, and it provides a completely unique experience for attendees. Here are some must-see shows coming soon:

Mystic Braves W/ The Dream Ride – September 6.

Erika Wennerstrom – October 21.

Surfside 7

If you’re looking for somewhere with affordable food and entertainment, then Surfside 7 is your place. Bar food and rock music at a cheap price is their specialty. Surfside 7 serves as one of the more underrated spots in Old Town, but you should check it out if you ever get the chance. Here are some fall shows to consider:

Michael Damron & The Do Betters – September 11

Natural Child and Faux Ferocious – October 6

Amplified Heat – November 15

Mishawaka Amphitheatre

If you are more of an outdoor venue fan, just take a short drive up the Poudre Canyon Highway and find Mishawaka Amphitheatre. The Mishawaka serves as the only local outdoor venue, and it just celebrated its 100th year of operation. There is a huge variety of music and a family friendly environment. Here are some of the most anticipated fall shows coming to the Mishawaka:

The Motet – August 26 & 27

Keller Williams – September 9 & 10

Desert Dwellers & Random Rab – September 16

University Center for the Arts

If you’re interested in what the performing arts students at CSU are up to, then the University Center for the Arts is the place for you. The UCA features everything from music, art, dance and theater. With performances from students and alumni, the UCA always has some great shows to check out. And there are plenty of guest performances as well. Here are some upcoming concerts:

DUO 1804 – September 20

Dan Goble – September 26

CSU Jazz Ensemble I – October 5