Restaurant Review: Still Whiskey Steaks is pricey, but uniquely delicious

Hannah Ditzenberger

Cheba Hut owner and founder Scott Jennings knows how to create impression. His new restaurant The Still Whiskey Steaks is no exception: the steakhouse made a seemingly strange combination, whiskey-marinated steak, a delicious experience. 

I began my meal with an appetizer: bacon-wrapped shrimp with a bourbon-maple sauce. It was a heavy start to a meal that I expected to be filling, but I decided to indulge anyway. The taste was worth it; sweet, salty and even a little zesty, the shrimp was the best thing I ordered at the restaurant. At about $10, the appetizer was already more than a typical meal that I’d order, but I was glad that I did. 


I was a little hesitant to try the steak. Whiskey isn’t my thing, and I questioned how it would work steak. Because of this, I ordered a 10 oz prime rib that was cooked perfectly without any special marination. While it was good, I quickly realized I was missing out. My date ordered one of their New York cut’s whiskey-marinated steak — the whiskey was not overpowering, but rather brought out the meat’s natural flavors and juices. The larger the cut, the less marinated the steak will be, so I recommend a 10 or 12 oz cut (which is still plenty of food). The Still also offers non-steak options, like salmon and chicken. 

The meal came with a choice of side. My date selected creamy asparagus, which was delicious. However, the mashed potatoes that I ordered tasted like they came from an instant box recipe. They were too dry, and I only ended up eating a few bites. I was already feeling full, so this did not seem to take away from the meal.

The environment of the restaurant matches the rustic and intense vibes of steak and whiskey; from wooden panels and somewhat dark lighting to paintings of whiskey stills, the decor is appropriate. It maintains a clean, high-class feel without sacrificing its aesthetic. The staff was very knowledgeable about the steak’s preparation and was quick to answer any of our questions; they delivered our food quickly. 

Currently, The Still is not open for lunch. According to my waiter, they are trying to fine-tune the dinner menu before adding other options for guests.  

My main complaint with The Still is the high cost, which is to be expected at a steakhouse. At about $30 depending on your choice, this is no cheap meal. However, for a very special occasion, the food is worth the money. 

The Still is located at 151 N College Ave and is open daily from 3 to 9 p.m. 

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