Netflix and Chill with C: Netflix picks for July

Clarissa Davies

Summer is the best time for starting new shows and watching movies that you’ve always meant to watch but never have. This summer, I have been enjoying revisiting some of my favorite childhood movies and shows and “discovering” shows that apparently everyone has been watching for years. Here are my picks for what I’m enjoying the most this summer season on Netflix:

  1. “Grey’s Anatomy”: I know, I know. I know I’m severely on the late train for this show. However, this is a message to those people that are skeptics (aka my old, lesser self) and don’t know the pure magic of this medical drama. This show is good, people. I don’t say this lightly. Be warned, it sucks you in and it’s nearly impossible to look away. Even if you don’t like medical dramas, please give this show a chance. If you don’t want to watch it because everyone watches it, you’re missing out. All 12 seasons are on Netflix, and a 13th season is in the works. Trust me with this recommendation.
  1. “A Walk to Remember”: Good old Nicholas Sparks. This movie is best watched alone. Your heart will be tugged at, and not lightly. This film is a staple of the romance film genre, and if you like movies that follow the ‘popular person falls in love with unpopular person’ storyline, watch this. Likely, many of you have seen this when you were younger, but it’s always enjoyable to watch your tween favorites.
  1. “Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere”: Speaking of classics, if you grew up watching PBS like me, you’ll remember that there was a calming, joyful man who would paint ‘happy trees’ and mountain scenes in an effortless manner. His name was Bob Ross, and he made you want to pick up a paintbrush, too. Did you know that you can watch episodes of him painting? Go on; revisit your favorite childhood artist!
  1. “The Princess Bride”: I can’t praise this movie enough, and I bet you can’t either. Here’s another one I have revisited. I remember the first time I saw this classic — I was 6 years old, and for some reason, I was so scared at certain parts that I hid under the table. Obviously, this film is hardly scary and is a wonderful family favorite (what was my problem?). This is a movie that you show your kids in the future. This was a movie your parents likely showed you. It’s entirely quotable and has become a staple movie in our culture due to its quotes and characters. It’s fantasy with a twist of humor and silliness that is sure to please if you’ve never seen it.
  1. Upcoming shows on Netflix to get excited about: I am so eager to see these shows when they’re released as Netflix Original Series. It’s time to get excited for “The Crown” and “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” This is a big deal. “The Crown” will be a series about the early life of the current queen of England, Elizabeth II. If you’re an anglophile like me, you’re going to love this. I imagine this show will be similar to shows such as “Downton Abbey”; however, the events in “The Crown” will have actually occurred. As for “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” they’re turning the 13 books by author Lemony Snicket into a TV series. Exciting, right? The books follow the horrible, sad lives of the Baudelaire children and their many run-ins with the evil, greedy Count Olaf, who will be played by Neil Patrick Harris. These shows will premiere on Netflix later this year.

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