Colorado campsites to check out this summer

Randi Mattox

One of the many perks of living in Colorado during the summer is that you have easy access to countless outdoor adventures. People everywhere plan their summer vacations in Colorado to experience some of its natural attractions.

Camping is perhaps the most popular activity that Coloradans and tourists alike enjoy during the summer months, but finding the perfect campsite can sometimes be overwhelming because every location is appealing in its own ways. Here are some different types of camping spots to consider checking out this season:


Campsites that are college budget friendly…all you need is gas money:

Trappers Lake

Location: Meeker

Price: free

Trappers Lake is definitely a great place to check out if you are looking for a cheap vacation. Although the location is remote, there are plenty of free activities for campers to engage in. Boating, swimming and hiking are all available at this campsite.

Buffalo Pass

Location: Steamboat Springs

Price: free

There are limited amounts of free campsites at Buffalo Pass, but the scenery completely makes the trip worth it. If the campsites are full at Buffalo Pass, there are more dispersed camping grounds in the nearby town of Steamboat Springs. Campers normally find themselves camping at Buffalo Pass and enjoying the beautiful views and driving into town during the day to engage in the activities provided in Steamboat Springs, also known as “Ski Town USA.” These activities range from shopping and learning about the town’s Wild West history to hiking, fishing and boating.

Get there in less than an hour:  


Red Feather

Location: Red Feather, Colorado

Price: varies

Located just 45 miles outside of Fort Collins, Red Feather brings campers multiple opportunities to enjoy lakeside camping and mountain views. Red Feather is known for its campsites and have multiple to choose from. Some of the popular locations to camp at include West Lake Campground and Bellaire Lake Campground. Some locations have free campsites, while others require a nightly payment that depends on the site’s available amenities.

Fort Collins/Lakeside KOA

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Price: varies

Fort Collins/Lakeside KOA is only five minutes from CSU’s campus, making it a popular base camping site for exploration in the Front Range. Fort Collins/Lakeside KOA allows campers to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy the outdoors, but it also has quality amenities for those who are not interested in completely deserting civilization, including firewood, Wi-Fi, cable TV and bike rentals. Fort Collins/Lakeside KOA also accommodates multiple types of camping. Campers get to choose if they want to stay in tents, R.V.s or rental cabins.

Costly campsites that are still worth looking into because they have unique attractions: 

Hinsdale Haute Route

Location: Lake City

Price: $110

Hinsdale Haute Route provides campers with the unique opportunity to stay in a yurt, which is a traditional Turkish portable tent. The campground provides furnished yurts that can comfortably hold up to eight people. The campsite’s attractions include the Jon Wilson Memorial Yurt and Colorado Trail Friends Yurt, which are both accessible through hiking trails that are accommodated by scenic views. Additionally, 14,000-foot summits are just 15 miles away from the campsite.

Kent Mountain Adventure Center:

Location: Estes Park

Price: $1,200

Kent Mountain Adventure Center facilitates the one of a kind experience of cliff camping. The center provides a guided adventure in which participants learn how to rock climb and get to stay overnight on a sheer rock face that is over a hundred feet from the ground. Climbing equipment and food are covered in the fees.

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