Cinco-Cinco 5K honors memorial scholarship

Megan Hanner

Gil Gutierrez served as the ombudsman for Colorado State University for three years, but was killed by a drunk driver while on a run in August of 1993. An annual run to benefit the Gil Gutierrez Memorial Scholarship was soon established in 1994.

The 23rd annual Cinco-Cinco 5k Run and Walk will take place on Saturday, May 7 at 8:30 a.m. Every year, community members, students and volunteers come together to run, have fun and raise money for a good cause.


Loretta Capra has been on the committee for the run since its creation. Capra met and interviewed Gil Gutierrez when she worked temporality in the ombudsman office. She was a runner, and would often chat with Gil about running at the Student Center. Gil was an accomplished runner during that time. He would often have papers from his latest run, Capra said.

After his passing, Capra helped to set up the memorial run with his running partners and other original committee members. According to the Cinco-Cinco website, the whole event is run by dedicated volunteers.

“Some people, I think, now didn’t even know Gil, but they just believe in him. They like the fact that they’re working on something that then earns money towards scholarships,” Capra said.

For the first three or four years of the run, there were no scholarships, Capra said. Instead, an endowment of money was put to the side to build interest. That endowment still acts as a backing for the Gil Gutierrez Memorial Scholarship.

“That endowment will keep the scholarship going long after all of us have left the university,” Capra said.

The run isn’t the only way the scholarship gains money. Money also comes from donations made during the time of the run, interest and what the run actually makes, Capra said. Around 92,000 dollars of scholarships, including scholarships for next academic year, have been awarded to 115 students since the beginning.

“That’s why we do it. I mean, it’s for the students.” Capra said.

The Cinco-Cinco 5k Run and Walk is open to students and all members of the community. It will start and end on the Oval. To register, go online to, or go the rec center. 

Individual students can register for $25. Students that live on campus can register for $19, and students with teams can register for $22 ahead of time. Registration is also available the morning of for a charge of $30 for everyone.

Registration the day of the run begins at 7 a.m. at the Statistics building.


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