Pranks to play with items you already have for April Fool’s

Dallas Head

April Fool’s Day is either a huge deal for some people or just another day. In my house, it’s a huge deal. My friends tend to go all out on this holiday. But for some of us who just aren’t that big into the holiday or who don’t have the money or time to go out and buy supplies, here are some simple ways to play pranks with things you probably already own.

1. Random Photos


Those scary pictures of Nicholas Cage on the internet or that funny photo of you from Spring Break are probably already on your computer. Just print those bad boys out and tape them randomly behind doors or behind the shower curtain. Give your friends a little bit of a scare without breaking the bank. 

2. Candy Madness

If you still have left over candy from Easter (like I do), this prank is perfect. Leave a bowl of candy out on your kitchen table with a mixture of Skittles, Reese’s Pieces, and M&M’s. This will be sure to leave a bad taste in their mouths. 


3. Water Cups

You probably have tons of random cups in your cabinets. If so, fill each one up with some water and space them around your roommates room. Just be sure to keep the cups away from electronics unless you’d be willing to replace those. 

4. Febreeze

That old can of Febreeze that your mom got you when you first moved up to college is probably still sitting in a box somewhere. If so, grab a zip-tie or even a rubber band and snap it around the handle of the canister. It becomes a very smelly grenade. Warning on this item: if you’re in a dorm, you will also have to deal with that smell for long afterwards. 

5. Saran Wrap


Saran wrap over the tops of shampoo bottles is classic. Just unscrew the lid, place a small piece of the wrap over the opening and screw back on. You might get blamed for using all their shampoo again though, just an FYI. You could also wrap the saran wrap around the toilet seat for extra fun. 

6. Blow Dryers

If one of your roommates take showers every morning and always has to blow dry their hair, this prank is perfect. Use baby powder or even flour if you have any and sprinkle it into the hair dryer. Brush off the excess and just wait for the fun to ensue. 

7. Sink Sprayer

Putting a rubber band around the sink nozzle will give them an extra wake up call before their morning coffee. 

I must give caution to those using these pranks for any friend or relative on this festive holiday. Not all these pranks have outstanding endings and be sure to use discretion when choosing your victims. 

All photos used from Huffington Post articles. 


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