Four food podcasts all eaters should listen to

Cody Moore

My mother always told me that your first bite of any meal is with your eyes. But why stop there? Food should be a multi-sensory experience.

And while listening to that guy crunch on chips during class may not be high on your priorities, listening to chefs, celebrities and restaurateurs talk about everyone’s favorite subject is worth your time.


These four podcasts explore the world of food in ways never thought possible. Learn how to make the best tomato soup, why southern cuisine is making a resurgence or what kind of bourbon Catholic nuns like to drink. Eating gets a little more interesting when you eat with your ears.

The Sporkful

This podcast’s tagline, “It’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters,” takes all of the pretentiousness out of eating. Host Dan Pashman dives in on the specifics of food, from the ideal bread-to-filling ratio in a sandwich to the best way to slurp Ramen. Pashman brings in guests to debate and discuss the important issues in life, like whether or not a hot dog can be classified as a sandwich, or if it is socially acceptable to eat your toddler’s leftovers.

Michael Pollan, Jim Gaffigan, a Catholic priest and Pashman’s two-year-old daughter have all made appearances. “The Sporkful” claims to be a food podcast, but does a great job of connecting diverse groups of people through a common love. Try episode 26: “Thanksgiving is for Eaters.”

The Bon Appetit Foodcast

This culinary magazine has been a standard in many households for decades, but don’t mistake its longevity for being outdated — Bon Ap has always been a frontrunner in the changing world of food.

Editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport brings listeners into the culinary limelight on a weekly basis, hanging out with chefs Jacques Pepin and Bobby Flay as well as rapper Action Bronson.

The podcast talks to the masterminds of the best restaurants around the world, but isn’t afraid to share tips on how to make a great cocktail either. Don’t skip the last minute of the show: each episode ends with a “lightning round” of quick-fire questions for the guest. Listen to episode 25: “Sam Kass on Cooking for the Obamas (and Lots More!).”

Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips

Averaging just five or 10 minutes long, the Nutrition Diva is true to her word. Monica Reinagel, a registered dietitian/nutritionist, separates diet fact from fiction and dispenses tips for eating better in ways that are practical and applicable. She believes that most foods are acceptable in certain amounts, and that moderation is key to living well and enjoying food.


Get the skinny on whether you should worry about the hormones in milk or whether snacking before bedtime can make you fat. Reinagel dissects the science behind food and nutrition for you and packages it into an easy-to-listen-to package. Give episode 365, “What is a Plant-based Diet?” a listen.

The Splendid Table

This NPR variety show discusses Native American cuisine, gluten-free baking, the history of cheese and everything in between. Host Lynne Rosetto Kasper chats with scientists, chefs, journalists and celebrities, all intertwined with listeners’ calls about culinary dilemmas. Her warm personality and style results in fascinating interviews. Try episode 571, “Wine and Cheetos,” to learn how to pair fine wine with junk food.

Collegian Reporter Cody Moore can be reached at or on Twitter @codymoorecsu.