All ages welcome at Old Town’s cocktail bar Social

Connor DeBlieck

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Photos courtesy of owner, Ty Fulcher and Phoco


For many CSU students, there is a lack of unique hang-out places around Old Town that cater towards ages under 21, but Social, a local cocktail bar, is open to all ages.

Featuring a menu that is rich in high-quality cocktails and spirits, Social is about bringing people together of all ages by featuring non-alcoholic beverages and one-of-a-kind snacks.

“If your friends want to go get a drink and you don’t or can’t, then you can get something else and still be allowed to come,” Owner Ty Fulcher said.

Their most popular food item, Charcuterie, involves curing cold meats and serving them with bread or other snacks, a high-end appetizer. Social’s menu ranges from Apertifs, pallet cleansers, to cocktails and spirits, to non-alcoholic drinks, soda, coffees and teas, with desserts with those who have prefer a sweeter snack.

The name of the business derives from the atmosphere of the bar that creates and sustains conversation. It contrasts to other bars, where the noise continues to build and having to scream just to be heard by the person across the table.

“There are so many amazing beer places around that we felt the cocktail needed attention,” Fulcher said.

In the public eye, Social is considered a speakeasy themed bar, but Fulcher sees his business in a different way.

“I see us more as a cocktail bar inspired by prohibition,” Fulcher said. “If we were a speakeasy, we’d go full out with reservations and passwords.”

In business since September 16, 2013, Social acquires new business mostly from word of mouth with social media and a dash of advertising thrown into the mix.

“Social has been much busier than we thought, I never thought we would have a line,” Fulcher said about his business.


Full from sundown until last call, Social is both an environment and lifestyle that features employees who come from either a cocktail or culinary backgrounds and have the unified passion for the business and genuine hospitality towards every customer that puts them at ease and feel immediately invited upon entering.

“Social is a bar I want to hang out in and it’s a bar I do hang out in,” Fulcher said.

Social does not feature live music or entertainment, because it simple seeks to socialize people through conversation rather than through entertainment that prohibits conversation.

With future plans on creating his own restaurants, Fulcher goes to great lengths to establish his businesses and to create a social and historic environment.

Before Social opened its doors, it originally did not have one to begin with. The underground area that is now, Social used to be a storage/warehouse that dated back to 1983. The place had to be gutted and stairs had to be added for easy access for customers.

In order for Fulcher’s business to remain Social, all he asks is to, “socialize and get off your phones here.”

Social opens 4pm everyday. It closes at midnight on Sundays through Wednesdays and closes at 1 a.m. Thursday through Saturdays. 

Edit: Social is only open to all ages until 8pm.

Collegian A&C Reporter Connor DeBlieck can be reached at or on Twitter @CDeBlieck1995