How to enjoy spring break — while you’re stuck here working

Chapman W.

Spring break is next week.

For many, that means going somewhere tropical, enjoying time away from stress and rocking that swimsuit body. However, some of us aren’t so fortunate and will be spending the time away from classes working, either here or somewhere else. While it can be frustrating to hear friends talking about all of the partying they will be getting up to while you’re planning the 40 hours you will be working, there are still some options to enjoy your spring break while you’re trapped in FoCo.


Set your desktop wallpaper to something tropical.

This way, every time you switch between the work you should be doing in your free time to the Netflix that is your only friend, you’ll have a moment of tranquility seeing a beautiful beach scene. Alternatively, fill your room with tropical decorations from Party City for a more encompassing effect. 

Show of your beach body at the Lagoon.

There’s no point in wasting the work done at the gym all semester. The lagoon may not be as sandy as the beaches in Cancun, but that shouldn’t stop you from throwing down a beach towel and catching some rays. You can even fight a goose, if that’s the sort of thing that cheers you up.

Try some more exotic water sports at Horsetooth.

If you’re sad that your friends are off learning to surf or scuba dive, you can always go and try to recreate these activities at everyone’s favorite reservoir. Grab a surfboard and try to learn to at least stand up. Borrow some fins and a mask and see what you can find free-diving at the bottom. The water may be cold, but my dad always said it builds character.

Create your own Adventure Tours.

While your friends may be off exploring jungles and seeing rare animals, you can still have a wonderful experience touring campus. For the best results, be sure to wear a fanny pack and take pictures of all the exciting wildlife you see, such as weirdos tanning and fighting geese by the lagoon.

Enjoy time spent in this beautiful city.

Fort Collins may not be the Caribbean, but it’s still an amazing place to spend spring break. Between Old Town, Horsetooth and our beautiful campus, there are so many things to enjoy that it’s a shame to not want to come spend spring break here. Personally, I’m going to enjoy a quiet campus and try to grab coffee with friends I don’t always have time for during the semester.


Collegian Reporter Chapman W. Croskell can be reached at and on Twitter @Nescwick