Halley’s comics offers a variety of graphic novels

Megan Hanner

Music, smiles and never-ending colorful comic books greet you as you walk into Halley’s Comics in Old Town.

Located on 322 Walnut Street, Halley’s Comics offers an abundant selection that any graphic novel lover can count on right here at home. Beyond its great comic selection, Halley’s Comics also carries collector figures, T-Shirts, and posters.


John Bonner and his wife, Susan, opened Halley’s Comics in February, 1988, nearly thirty years ago. Turns out, comic books and graphic novels are booming businesses to go into. According to Business Insider, comic book sales have been steadily increasing over the years, reaching 870 million in 2013, while other print media such as newspapers and magazines have been facing hardship.

“The comic book industry is very peculiar and insular in that it’s not affected by most things that affect sales in the normal business world,” Bonner said. “Comics have a pretty static sale, it does not go up or down a whole lot.” 

The obvious reason to most for expanding reader interest may be the recent releases of comic movies. 2014 alone was a year of 12 comic to movie adaptions, according to Business Insider. 2015 is already starting off hot with the record-smashing release of “Deadpool.” 

However, Bonner questions if movies have that large of an impact on his comic sales. 

“Movies don’t affect it,” Bonner said. “People will come in and say: ‘There was a Deadpool movie, so you’re selling a lot of Deadpool comics.’ Well, for a week or two I might sell a few extra copies, but it has no long term effect at all.” 

Bonner also explained that when you are shopping for comics for the first time, it simply depends on what your interests are. Halley’s offers graphic novels on a variety of subjects — including historical, how to and graphic books. 

Halley’s offers comics dating from the 1930s to now. 

“If we don’t have it, we will get you any kind of comic that’s published, or has been published,” Bonner said. 

Collegian A&C Reporter Megan Hanner can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com.