Drinking and debate: An elections drinking game

Dallas Head

The fads of drinking games for your favorite shows have now rolled over into the political pool.

The elections are fast approaching for our new president. So, how can one make this a more interesting time? You add alcohol (or just juice or water, that’s fine too). Drinking games are one way to get the 20-something generation involved in the politics of their country and a way to make it a little bit more entertaining to be a part of, especially with this year’s eclectic runners.


Rolling Stone, Newsweek and others have made drinking games online specifically for the debates. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best words or actions between all of them for a college specific edition.  

All candidates

If anyone says something listed below, take a drink.

  1.  Obama and Terrorism: Drink anytime a candidate states that Obama won’t mention terrorism.
  2. Ticking Time: Drink anytime a candidate talks about being a product of the American dream.
  3. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Drink anytime a candidate makes a comment about “good” or “bad” guys and guns.
  4. Being Popular: Drink anytime a candidate makes a comment about Trump and his popularity with the people.
  5. The Money Pit: Drink if anyone (especially Donald Trump) talks about their salary.
  6. Back to Our Roots: Drink if nay candidate wants to “take back our country” from the hole it’s apparently fallen into.
  7. Elementary, my dear President: Drink anytime Bernie Sanders or any other candidate mentions education (mainly Bernie).

Individual candidates

Take a shot every time a candidate says one of these words:

Ted Cruz: Immigrant, Radical



Bernie Sanders: Free, percent





Hillary Clinton: Families, Guns




Marco Rubio: Obama, “When I am President…”




Donald Trump: Dude, China




Ben Carson: Political, Washington




John Kasich: Budget, Ohio



The next debate between the Republican candidates is on March 3 on Fox News.

The next debate between Democratic candidates is on March 6 on CNN.

Please drink responsibly.

Collegian Reporter Dallas Head can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter at @water4rams.