Five places to get late-night food in Old Town

Allie Kohler

It’s 2:00 a.m., the lights have turned revealing everyone’s boozy faces, the person you thought was a hard 10 is now actually a soft five and it’s time to go home. Maybe you’re trekking up the stairs and out of the dark hole that is The Rec Room, or maybe you’re chugging one last Irish Car Bomb and stuffing your pockets full of peanuts on your way out of Lucky Joe’s.

Wherever you are, come last call there’s likely just one thing on your inebriated mind, and that’s food. Lucky for all downtown F0C0 nightlife-lovers there are delicious places to satisfy late night cravings all within less than a mile walking distance of the Old Town Square.


Here’s the top five places to check out next time your belly is screaming for something more than another shot and you only have your feet to get you there” 

1. Tumbleweed Super Tasty Treats (The Gyro Place)

.1 miles from Old Town Square

Late night partiers follow the sweet smell of gyros, making their way like zombies from the Old Town Square to the southeast corner of College and Mountain to this delectable food stand. A chewy pita filled with juicy lamb strips and sweet tzatziki is a sure fire way to start feeling right for the long way home.

2. Fat Shack

0.7 miles from Old Town Square

Ah, the crown jewel of drunk food. It’s the pivotal point between last call and nearing sobriety where mac ‘n’ cheese, French fries and greasy meat served on a foot-long roll, dripping with sauce sounds just right. Boasting themselves as “late night done right” they’re open until 4:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

This is the one, the late night meal that sober you will hate drunk you for. Don’t feel too bad; that meal satisfied not one, not two, but up to five guilty pleasures in one unbelievable but hazy experience. Next time, you might just add bacon because why not. You deserve it.

3. Illegal Pete’s

0.03 miles from Old Town Square


Head northeast on Linden and take a right on Walnut and you’ve arrived at this popular Mexican restaurant. Last call is at 1:45 a.m. where they’re serving up surprisingly good margaritas and more. The kitchen stays open until 2:30 a.m. giving you enough time to fill up on nachos loaded to perfection and covered in golden Queso.

4. Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom

0.2 miles from Old Town Square

Don’t get confused folks, this time you’re headed southwest on Linden, right on Mountain, bang a left on College and you can say hello to a cheesy, greasy and all around heavenly deep dish pizza. Open late night, every night from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., cozy up in a booth with just yourself and your two-dollar personal pizza. That’s right, two dollars.

5. Taste of Philly

0.3 miles from Old Town Square

Just a bit past Old Chicago is this tasty establishment open Friday or Saturday until 1 a.m. Dip out of the bars a little early and make your way over for cheese steaks, hoagies and grinders.

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