Stop with the Valentine’s Day cynicism

Clarissa Davies

Whoever said that Valentines Day was strictly for celebrating the love between you and your significant other was kidding themselves. To add to this, if your understanding of Valentine’s Day is so limited that you love feeling sad for your single self on Valentine’s Day, it’s time to get over it.

So, it’s another Valentine’s Day single and alone for you. Why do we let Valentine’s Day heighten these feelings? It certainly shouldn’t. Instead, try looking past your relationship status or cynicism toward this Hallmark holiday and change your feelings of angst and anguish into appreciation and love for whoever is constant in your life.


If, at this point in your life, those you love most are family and friends, then you should celebrate them on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day should be about recognizing whom you have in your life now, and pouring your love onto them. Don’t slosh around in pity because you have nobody to love and nobody loves you romantically. I promise, they won’t suddenly love you if you’re wallowing in the corner or angry at the world that your love life didn’t align on February 14th. Trust me, your 9th grade crush won’t Facebook message you on Valentine’s Day randomly proclaiming he liked you when you wore bad jeans and that he now he wants to ask for your Father’s blessing.

The point is this: you likely do have someone who loves you or that you love or care for. Make a point to see your mom on Valentines Day. Call your dad. I’m sure your grandmother would love a card that simply reminds her that you care. I think that we tend to overlook the people that love us unconditionally and force our attention on those who aren’t constant. This is a huge mistake.

So, don’t have Valentine’s plans? Go to brunch with your family. Watch a movie. Have a Galentine’s Day “Parks and Rec” style. Celebrate whom you’re lucky to do life with now, because life is dynamic and who you get to be friends with or know will change as life progresses. Love yourself on Valentine’s Day if you have to. Love isn’t confined to loving one other person. Finally, you shouldn’t feel that you have to only show love to others on one specified day out of the year.

Valentines day may be cheesy in essence, but if you want to, you can transform your definition of Valentine’s Day into something that’s really meaningful.

Oh, and if you aren’t single for Valentine’s Day, I sincerely hope that you have a spectacular day coming your way and that you enjoy it with someone wonderful.

Collegian A&C Reporter Clarissa Davies can be reached at or on Twitter @DaviesClarissa.