Clarissa’s Self-Cares: how to use lemon to brighten your body and home

Clarissa Davies

Your body may love lemon more than your taste buds. This fruit, full of vitamin C, can be used for almost anything, from disinfecting to detoxification. You should have this multi-purpose item on hand. Below, check out some easy and quick uses for lemon to incorporate into your routine. 



Lemon water:

Drinking lemon water has been regarded as a god-send. Imagine if you could flush out your insides and feel great. What if you knew it could help nausea, headaches and hangovers while cleaning out toxins and your blood, too? Lemon does this.

Try drinking warm water with lemon first thing when you wake up. Notice the difference.

Lemon on your face:

There are many ways to use lemon on your face. Try rubbing a lemon half on your face to brighten it — lemon aids in creating collagen, which results in smoother skin. Lemon juice also aids in zapping zits. When you mix lemon and honey together and apply it to your face, it clears up blackheads. Just remember to rinse it off with cold water.

It’s also a great toner. Just mix equal parts of lemon juice and water together.


When you rub lemon juice on your nails, they become whiter and brighter, especially if they’re yellow. Also, stop spending money on nail strengtheners. Lemon helps prevent and heal dry, brittle and cracked nails and aids in strengthening them.

Around the house:


Lemon is a known deodorizer. When mixed with water, lemon juice used to wipe down a trashcan can help clear smells. It also works great to wipe down the inside of a refrigerator and helps to deodorize and disinfect there, too.

Soften your skin:

If you have a patch of rough or dry skin somewhere on your body (like your elbows), rubbing on fresh lemon seriously helps. Additionally, when lemon is mixed with plain yogurt (like Greek) and applied on the face or body and rinsed off, both work to thoroughly clean and soften your skin.

A scrub:

Finally, my favorite — fresh lemon juice can be mixed with sugar, salt or epsom salt and used as a body scrub or face scrub. Brighten and scrub off dead skin cells all in one.

Lemon can be used, consumed and added to almost anything. Get creative with how you use lemon next.

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