How to find the best food this season

Madison Wittman

Supermarkets are overflowing with fresh, juicy, homegrown fruits and vegetables in the summer months, but your options are limited in the winter. Eating the produce that is in season can enhance your nutrition and add more flavor to your meals. While the winter bounties may be limited, look for food like these that are in season to make the most of your cold-weather cooking.

(Photo courtesy: Michaela Weingartova on Flickr)

1. Sweet Potatoes


Peak season: October – March

Picking one: The less outer skin blemishes the better.

Cook it in college: Sweet potatoes can be made into a sweet side dish or savory snack. Bake them whole and top with cinnamon and sugar butter or slice them vertically and bake for your own sweet potato fries.  

2. Clementines

(Photo courtesy: Monika 2010 on Flickr)
(Photo courtesy: Monika 2010 on Flickr)

In season: November – February

Picking one: Look for firm and heavy – that means they’re juicy!

Cook it in college: While not many recipes call for clementines, add a few slices to your bottle of water or blend into your favorite smoothie to add a tangy twist.

3. Carrots

Peak season: October – April

Picking one: Pick bright orange carrots that are thin, as they are usually more tender.


Cook it in college: Make an easy side dish by boiling your carrots until tender and then cooking them in brown sugar and butter. It’s a simple idea, but it satisfies veggie lovers and sweet tooths alike.

4. Pomegranates

(Photo courtesy:  Ruth L on Flickr)
(Photo courtesy: Ruth L on Flickr)

In season: October – February

Picking one: Look for shiny skin and avoid soft spots.

Cook it in college: The trick to pomegranates is getting all of the tasty seeds out. Cut the fruit horizontally in half, and holding it over a bowl, firmly hit the back of each half. Enjoy your pomegranate in a matter of minutes.

5. Broccoli

Peak season: October – April

Picking one: Bright green and firm stalks are better than those that are even slightly yellow.

Cook it in college: Throw a healthy dose of broccoli into the oven with olive oil, garlic and enjoy with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Or, add broccoli to almost any pasta dish to get an extra dose of greens.

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