Fort Collins’ baby barista goes viral

Zara DeGroot



What’s better than cute kids and cappuccinos? How about a cute kid making a cappuccino. 

Meet Adler — a toddler-turned-internet sensation. He is the son of Andrew and Jenn Webb, the owners of Bindle Coffee in Fort Collins, and the star of the internet’s latest fascination: the baby barista.

In mid-November, Bindle released a video, filmed by Colorado filmmaker and a regular Bindle customer Benjamin Dinsmore, featuring Adler’s mad coffee skills. In the short clip, the adorable three-year-old makes a decaf cappuccino. And it went viral.

A New Zealand Facebook account posted the video, where it has been viewed over two million times. The original YouTube video is at 28,000+ views, and counting. 

“He just wants to experience what I’m doing,” said Bindle owner Andrew Webb, of his son’s coffee talent. “And at the same time, he can steam milk really well.”

Bindle opened in Fort Collins in August. Within three short months, it has become a favorite among the town’s coffee goers. The cute video has brought in even more traffic, with people stopping by to ask for the world’s youngest barista. 

“Mostly what we wanted to show was a cute kid making coffee,” Andrew said. “And the news has blown it up to make it seem like he’s working a shift here.”

However, Andrew says that Adler has not made drinks for customers. 

“He mainly makes drinks for us,” Andrew said. 

One day, Adler walked into the shop and announced, “I’m done making cappuccinos.”


But let’s hope this mini-barista doesn’t end his coffee career quite so soon. This seems like something Ellen would love to feature on her show.

Collegian A&E Reporter Zara DeGroot can be reached at or on Twitter at @zar_degroot.