‘Walking Dead’ predictions

Dallas Head

The Walking Dead is a cult classic now. (Courtesy of flickr.com)

Warning: Spoilers

They’re coming… well, the walkers have already been here for a while, but season 6 of “The Walking Dead” should prove to have its surprising moments full of many more walkers and new characters alike. 


“The Walking Dead” franchise has turned into a cult classic of television. The writers know this and have claimed that they want to follow the comic books a lot more for this final season. There are some people who say that they aren’t going to follow the comic books at all. But here are my predictions for what we will see in the episodes for the rest of the season. 

1. Losing Body Parts

In the comics, Carl, Rick’s son, is supposed to lose an eye via Douglas in Alexandria. However, Douglas is not in the show. Instead, we have Deanna, the leader of Alexandria. I think the writers felt they needed more women in this show or something. But either way, I think Carl will still lose his eye, just from someone else. I think that a new character that has not been introduced yet will finish the job. Because let’s face it, Carl hasn’t really had a story line for a while now and I think he needs to be thrown back in there. There’s also speculation that Rick is supposed to lose his hand like in the comics. In the most recent episode of season 6 (episode 3), Rick’s hand gets cut open by a zombie gut-laden machete. I’m guessing that when he finally makes it back to Alexandria that he may have to lose the hand due to infection, or something worse.

2. We Will Meet Jesus

Jesus, a character of the Hilltop Colony in the comics, will definitely be coming out this season. He could become another protagonist for the team and I think it would help build up the ruins that are left after the Wolves attacked Alexandria. The entire main cast is in disarray and they need something to function in the right way for them. I think getting to Hilltop and meeting this Jesus character would be that little pile of hope, just before the writers decide to go all crazy and probably kill another character again.

3. Negan

The ultimate villain will be coming! That is my predication but I think it won’t be until one of the very last episodes. Negan is mentioned in the comics as being one of the worst people that we’ve seen yet. He has no moral compass and kills whatever he can to gain power. There hasn’t really been a major villain since the Governor in season 3 and 4. From what I’ve gathered at comicbook.com, there was a casting call for Negan right before the beginning of the sixth season and so I think he will be a part of the new cast sometime this season.

4. Maggie’s Baby

In the season premiere, Glenn wants to go on the run to move the walkers with Rick. He wants Maggie to stay for support for Deanna but Maggie makes a side comment about how that’s not the only reason. In the comics, she has already been expecting a baby and had one when Glenn dies. My prediction is she might be pregnant now and that there is another connection to the comics that the writers are playing into.


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