Staff picks: Halloween costumes and films

Collegian Staff

The Collegian loves Halloween. Read what the arts and entertainment staff plans to be this Saturday, as well as our favorite Halloween-related films.

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Clarissa Davies: 

Clarissa Davies
A&E Reporter Clarissa Davies

Costume: Most halloweens I plan to be something unique, like this year I wanted to be Hillary Clinton. I think I’ll just end up being a cat again (which I am most halloweens, sorry). 

Favorite Halloween film: “Ghostbusters” and “The Shining” are great for halloween, and “When Harry Met Sally” and “Dead Poet’s Society” are great for autumn in general. 


Zara DeGroot:

Zara DeGroot
A&E Reporter Zara DeGroot

Costume: I am not wearing anything for Halloween because I am working. However, I will be coming home to some footie pajamas that I will have laid out by the fire to warm. That’s it.

Favorite Halloween film: “Jumanji” is a great fall and Halloween related film.


Chapman Croskell: 

chapman croskell
A&E Reporter Chapman Croskell

Costume: I’m going as Holden Caulfield from “Catcher in the Rye,” because I can rock the cynical vibe. 


Favorite Halloween film: Probably the “Nightmare before Christmas.” What can I say? I’m basic. 


Hannah Ditzenberger

Hannah Ditzenberger
A&E Editor Hannah Ditzenberger

Costume: I am dressing up as Mary Poppins. I always loved the musical as a child, and I can easily rock the outfit with clothes I already have in my closet. It’s fun and easy! 

Favorite Halloween film: I am not a fan of anything horror-related. In fact, I’ve never watched an entire horror movie from start to finish. I’d probably just rather watch “Mary Poppins.” 


Haleigh McGill 

Haleigh McGill
Opinion Editor and A&E reporter Haleigh McGill

Costume: I am going to be Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time. I just love that show, and she’s just a really interseting character. And she sings. 

Favorite Halloween Film: I would have to say the remake of the “The Evil Dead.”


Rick Cookson 

Rick Cookson
Print Managing Editor Rick Cookson

Costume: I’m gonna be a holy sh*t. I just bought four yards of different shades of brown, so I can make a poop costume. 

Favorite Halloween Film: “Ernest Scared Stupid,” because it’s hilarious. 


Randi Mattox

Randi Mattox

Costume: I am planning on dressing up as Hunter S. Thompson from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” for Halloween. That is one of my favorite movies, and Hunter S. Thompson is my favorite author.

Favorite Halloween Film: My favorite Halloween film is the John Carpenter’s “Halloween.” The original score is super cool, and the character Michael Myers’ iconic walk is so creepy.


Abbie Parr

Costume: I am going to be a snowboarder, because I used to board competitively. 

Favorite Halloween Film: “Scary Movie” is my favorite Halloween movie, if that counts. I like that dirty comedy. 


Mariah Wenzel

Mariah Wenzel
Designer Mariah Wenzel

Costume: Furiousa, because she’s badass, and “Mad Max” was a great movie. 

Favorite Halloween Film: I’m obviously going to go “Cabin in the Woods.” We’re just gonna do it. 


Kate Knapp

Design Editor Kate Knapp

Costume: I am going to be Willy Wonka. I was watching the movie the other day and it inspired me. Plus, I am going to a concert, so it’s perfect. 

Favorite Halloween Film: I hate scary movies. 


Emmett McCarthy 

Sports Editor Emmett McCarthy
Sports Editor Emmett McCarthy

Costume: I am going to be a shark, because of Sharkeisha. Sharkeisha girl was scary. 

Favorite Halloween Film: “Halloween” because I like it when people die in movies – just in movies. 


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